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How Much Should You Have in an Emergency Fund? (Expert Roundup)

You have definitely heard the advice that you’d better have an emergency fund to pay for unexpected expenses thus protecting yourself from unanticipated events. Money philosophies may differ, but most financial experts agree that for a healthy financial plan it’s necessary to have some cash set aside for emergencies.

We are sure that guessing is not the best way for making financial decisions. So we decided to ask financial experts what would they answer to a person asking “How much money should I have saved in an emergency fund?” And we’ve got a bunch of great tips we can now share with you.


Online Loans Like Speedy Cash: Top 3 Alternatives

Nowadays, people can benefit from a huge variety of cash advance apps that are helpful for financial immediate cash needs. When you run out of money, your choices are limited. So, turning to loan places like Speedy Cash can be beneficial.


How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

How many credit cards should you have? Each person has this question in mind and desires to find the right answer. However, nobody knows the right answer for you. There is no magic number to say that this number is perfect for all consumers. 

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Apps Like MoneyLion: Choose the Best App

There is a wide range of online money apps that are suitable for covering urgent money needs today. When you feel strapped for funds, you either need to restrict your expenses to essentials or utilize apps like MoneyLion.


Christian Money Management: Bible Verses

This question was once asked, “If the Lord took your church contribution and multiplied it by ten and made that your weekly income, how much would you get?” So, am I merely giving God, the giver of every good and every perfect gift, a meager tip?

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