How to Save Money as a College Student (Easy Ways to Practice)

Even being one of the most expensive destinations for international students, the US keeps its popularity. Paying for college is tough for many families while the rising tuition costs make it even harder.

Based on the information reported to U.S. News in an annual survey, the average cost of tuition and fees in the 2020-2021 school year at public colleges reached $11,171 for state residents and $26,809 for out-of-state students, while the cost comprised $41,411 at private colleges.

Smart budgeting and spending are the top priorities for most college students today. So, let’s check some basic tips to save money in college.


Need a Loan Now but Keep Getting Refused?

need a loan

Once your personal loan application is rejected “When can I apply again?” is the wrong question. Surprised?

It turns out if you don’t succeed at first, keeping applying, again and again, is the wrong way. And here’s the reason why.


9 Red Flag to Keep an Eye Out for When Choosing Legitimate Loan Companies

legitimate online loans

With the advancement in technology, borrowing money you need could happen in a matter of minutes.

Often an empty-handed not financially savvy person is ready to give his personal information to get approved for that long awaiting loan. And when a loan company asks to complete a credit application for a fee, a person still might not identify a scam.

Until it’s late…

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