What Could (or Should) You Do With a Million Dollars?

what to do with million dollars

When it comes to dream scenarios, virtually everyone has wondered and fantasized about what to do with a massive windfall. Whether it’s winning the lottery, getting an inheritance from a wealthy relative, or earning a fat paycheck, getting a million dollars out of nowhere would be quite an experience.


Moderation and Semi-Retirement

semi retirement

The FIRE Problem

FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) has been a hot topic in the personal finance community for the last decade or so. Blogs and podcasts have thoroughly explored the topic through impressive stories of effort, self-control, and investing savvy. 


Choosing and Using the Right Type of Budget

  • Budget! Budget! Budget!

That seems to be the only thing parents and other adults have to say to their younger adult counterparts about money. Clearly, everyone knows budgeting is important, but what the word means to a young adult can vary greatly from what it means to a GenXer or a Boomer.

types of budgets

How Credit Building Loans Work And Why You May Need It

credit building loans

Many people are willing to know how to establish credit, especially when you don’t have any credit history yet. There are some best ways to build credit – get a secured credit card, ask your parents to co-sign a loan or get a credit building loan. We are going to share how the last option can help you out to raise your score from scratch. 

What do credit builder loans mean and how to get them?


4 Cash Advance Apps That Can Loan You Money

payday loan apps

We live in a fast-changing world where financial stability may quickly turn into an economic crisis. If you’ve ever experienced a money shortfall, you realize how necessary it is to learn simple budgeting tricks.

Cash advance has become widespread all over the world with thousands of online platforms providing fast lending solutions to consumers in need.

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