Money-Saving Challenge: Top 3 Variants to Save Cash

money saving challenge

Do you want to save cash for the upcoming vacation? Are you willing to make an emergency fund or a savings account? Whatever particular monetary goal you have, a money-saving challenge is what you need.

It is meant to help consumers meet certain financial targets and improve their financial wellbeing. Choose the most suitable saving money challenge that will offer you a solid plan on how to reach your aims.

Many people are dreaming about having enough funds to cover basic needs, have their personal finances in order, and save a lot. In reality, not many people can boast of having a decent savings account or an emergency fund and continue using borrow money apps

Some consumers don’t even know the difference between these two accounts. While your savings are set aside for planned expenses, an emergency fund is meant to save you from unpredicted situations and unforeseen costs.

Whatever resolutions you have for this year, learning the basics of saving is essential. If you can’t cope with regular saving on your own, a dollar saving challenge might save the day. There are several types of money savings strategies. 

saving money challenge

You may choose the best money saving challenge that will best suit your monetary needs. It’s great to start planning your future and save enough money to pay for the big-picture purchase, refuse personal loans to pay for credit card or fund your dream vacation.

While you may not have great self-organizational skills, choosing a money challenge will help you avoid hard times in terms of personal finances and get ready for any unforeseen events and temporary disruptions. 

One of the most widespread resolutions people have when they start an envelope money saving challenge is to save more cash in the long run. Are you sure you can keep self-promise for the whole year? If not, money saving envelope challenge is useful.

We understand how tough it may be to stick to your own resolutions especially when it comes to money. We will discuss each saving money envelope challenge in detail now. This way you will learn everything about the top envelope challenge savings and choose one that best suits your goals.

52 Week Money Challenge: Save $1,378!

Do you want to know how to save 5000 in a year or even more? 52 week money challenge 2021 is probably one of the most widespread and popular ways of saving enough money to cover various expenses. 

This is also the easiest way to meet your financial resolutions and reach near-term and long-term monetary goals. The printable 52 week money challenge below is designed to help every consumer complete this challenge with less effort.

The idea of this 52-week money saving challenge is simple but helpful for every person who experiences difficulties with budgeting, planning or saving. This is a wonderful option to save enough funds in one year. You should save a particular amount of cash each week. 

Free Printable 52 Week Money Challenge

52 week money challenge printable

For instance, you should put $1.00 aside in the first week, $2.00 in the second week, $3.00 in the third week, etc. As you can see from the 52 week money challenge printable 2021, you should save $52.00 in the 52nd week.

If you follow this chart as well as the instructions, you will be able to save a minimum of $1,378.00 in one year. But if you increase the sum not for $1 but for $5 or $10, you can save $5000 in a year or more!

You may even save 20000 in a year if you save more each week. You will be able to utilize the final sum for:

How to Save 10000 In a Year Using This Method?

If you want to use 52 week money challenge $5000 is normal to save at the end of the year. And it is much better than using personal loans. In order to save more, you should try to save more each week. Start with $2, $3, $5, or even $10 a week and you will be able to have a large amount set aside at the end of the year.

This 52 week money challenge $20000 and less is a bit harder to save but if you are organized and have the motivation to reach your financial goals or get out of debt, this option is achievable.

But to save $10,000, you should start with $125 in the first week and increase the sum on $25 every week!

The free printable 52 week money challenge may help you achieve long-term aims or become financially independent. It’s easy as you begin with a smaller sum and work your way up until the total amount is saved. Hence, you may have a solid sum of cash by the end of December.

If it’s tough for you to start with a larger sum, you may stick to the original idea and begin with saving $1 during the first week. It’s more affordable even in January after the Christmas expenses.

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100 Envelope Challenge: Save $5,050!

We all want to have enough cash to cover daily needs and planned expenses. Unforeseen situations may easily unsettle you if you don’t have an emergency fund. It’s great to have a lot of cash in your savings account but it may not be that simple to reach it.

You may be shopping spree or go impulse buying instead of sticking to your resolutions. A modern 100 day challenge with envelopes is what you may be looking for.

This is a popular 100 day money challenge that uses money envelopes for saving funds. You should have 100 envelopes labeled from one to 100. Then you should shuffle them up. The idea of this 100 day challenge is to draw out two random envelopes twice a week and put aside the amount you see on the envelope.

For instance, if you draw out an envelope number 50, you set aside $50. The whole challenge is 100 days long.

Free Printable 100 Envelope Challenge

You may also save $10000/100 days but you should double the savings each week then. You will be able to utilize the final sum for:

How Many Weeks Is 100 Days?

If you decide to start saving with this method, you will have 25 weeks for the envelope saving challenge.

This is 25 weeks when you should save twice a week a certain amount.


If you follow the 100 day challenge, money will be saved for your needs and financial goals. When you need 200 dollars, you can solve this problem with $200 loan, but if you need $5,000 you should work on your emergency fund. Be ready to spend any amount as you may even draw out the 99 and 100 number envelope during the same week.

It may be tempting to avoid such sums or postpone 5000 savings challenge especially if you are short of funds at the moment. Thus, this 100 day envelope challenge might not be suitable for every consumer.

It works great if you have a regular monthly income that allows you to set aside any sum up to $100 in a week. Many people who want to feel excitement choose this envelope money challenge as they never know what number will be pulled out.

How to Save 10000 In 100 Days?

If you need this amount in 100 days you should start saving twice as much each day. The 100 day savings challenge is a certain mind trick that allows people to save the sum they need to cover various costs or fund their monetary goals.

No, it is meant for consumers with a decent monthly income. If you don’t have steady employment or a regular source of income, you won’t save this amount out of air.

This 100 envelope money saving challenge is designed for people who have enough money to save but need some help with the organization of their saving. When you stick to this method you know you won’t waste your salary but set it aside.

How Much Money Do You Save with the 100 Envelope Challenge?

The total amount is optional as each person may set aside a larger or a smaller sum depending on their income and monthly spending obligations.

If you have debt payments or other necessary expenses you may stick to the original rules of the 100 envelope challenge chart and save the amount stated on the envelope you pull out twice a week.

If you feel more secure and have enough income to save a larger sum, you may double the savings. Originally, you are asked to save $5,050 at the end of the challenge. It may be tempting to dig into the envelopes especially when sudden expenses arise.

However, you should stay strong and use your income wisely. This way you will be able to reach your goals and go till the end.

6 Months or 26 Week Money Challenge

Do you want to have a certain amount of additional funds in your savings account just in half a year? If you follow the weekly savings plan you will be able to save $5000 or even $10000 in only 6 months.

This is a popular weekly savings challenge. You have 26 weeks and should set aside a particular amount between $150 and $225 every week for 26 weeks.

This way, you will follow a biweekly money saving challenge and have $5000 to cover various expenses or purchase necessary items. This is another widespread method of saving money if you can’t keep self-promise to set aside cash each month. 

Of course, you should have a stable income source so that you feel comfortable enough to make such frequent savings. It’s a great opportunity to set a large amount aside in this weekly money challenge without too much effort and minimize wasting your funds.

26 Week Money Challenge Printable

26 week money challenge printable

How to Save 5000 in 6 Months?

You may find a printable version of a 6 month savings challenge and print it out so that it’s comfortable to notice your progress and write down the sums you’ve saved so far. 

In order to save $5000 in a 26 week savings challenge, you should save from $150 to $225 each week. You will see a certain sum in the chart and put it aside.

You should have a certain place to store your savings. You may either have a piggy bank or put money in a special savings account. Having a piggy bank may be suitable if your income is in cash. This weekly money saving challenge is suitable for every consumer. 

If you don’t want to be tempted to tap some cash from the piggy bank, you should better utilize a savings account. Consider opening a new account to place your savings.

How to Save 10000 in 6 Months

You may use a weekly savings chart to follow this bi weekly savings challenge. Also, you can set up an automatic transfer of a portion of your income toward savings. This way you won’t forget about saving on a regular basis.

You may try bi weekly money challenge and save even $10000 in 6 months. A useful option is to adjust the challenge and tailor it to your personal financial needs.

You may try to save this sum but you will have to double your weekly savings. If your monthly income isn’t large enough to make such savings, you may want to save less. It is more comfortable to save $5000 in this bi weekly saving challenge.

You may set a specific goal and know the exact reason why you need this amount by the end of the term. Thus, it will motivate you to reach your goal.

Remember that there are no strict rules for any challenge. If you don’t feel comfortable with certain rules you may adjust them to suit your needs.

For instance, you may utilize the reverse method of a bi weekly saving challenge or 52 week challenge. In other words, you will have to save a larger amount first and work your way toward saving less each month. It may be more preferable for people as it seems to get easier week by week and more comfortable to make regular savings.

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