Privacy Policy

Effective date: March 16, 2020

Fit My Money (“FitMyMoney”, “we”, “our” or “us”) performs this privacy policy to describe information collection practices held by (together with its options and features available thereon, the “Website”, “Site”) in connection with your engagement with and/or use of any content, offer, feature, element or option made available to you via the Website (the “Services”).

We hope that the sections and sub-sections listed below will ease the navigation of our Privacy Policy. They are provided to be used for the convenience of reading only, not for interpretive purposes.

This Privacy Policy can be changed at any time in our absolute and sole discretion, with no prior notice. If we modify the Privacy Policy, we’ll place the “Last Updated” statement reflecting the effective date of the modified version.

Your use and/or access of the Website constitutes your acceptance and/or consent of the Privacy Policy.

Please carefully read our privacy policy at Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”). The terms of it are incorporated into our Terms of Use and thus are considered part of them.

Notices Regarding Electronic Records, Signatures, or Disclosures (“E-Consent”).

Please review the following information attentively. may require you to conform to E-signatures, documents, or exposures as they are part of the offered Service. Upon agreeing with this E-Consent Notice, may or not communicate with you digitally.

That will include sending you electronic notices that may but are not limited to, your transactions and interactions. Upon agreeing to this E-Consent Notice, you also acknowledge the fact that you comprehend and consent to enter into legal commitments with the Lender Associates via E-Consent. These will have the same binding power as their paper alternative and will be equally lawful.

Terms and Conditions Regarding SMS

Once you provide your phone number to us via your Request Form, you acknowledge the fact that you understand and agree to receive SMS transmissions from our Lending Partners and us. The said communications may include but are not limited to SMS messages that contain links related to your completed Loan Request Form, an installment pay reminder from the Associates, or any prospective offer.

Know that if you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact us at [email protected].

We want to inform you that there may be applied data and SMS rates regarding these notifications. However, will by no means be accountable for them, as a third party like your wireless and SMS service carriers issues them. Additionally, any delay or undelivered regarding these are due to multiple possible factors that the carriers can’t be held liable for.

Additional Terms

The stated T&Cs define the complete understanding between both sides, you and, and shall be strictly governed by the applicable state of California laws. Of course, this goes without regard to its principles of conflicts of laws.

If any portion of these Terms contradicts the law or is deemed unenforceable, such provisions shall be replaced. That will happen by finding a valid and enforceable term that is closest to the meaning of the original one.

All remaining parts of these Terms shall continue to be binding and in effect.’s failure to enforce any of the written in this document Terms shall not be accepted as a waiver of such terms or provisions. reserves its full rights to amend the terms at any given time by publishing the modified/revised terms on its Website. Know that any amended terms shall and will be immediately effective upon posting.

1. Legal Process

Fit My Money applies data under data protection laws. Legal basis of data processing are:

1.1. Contract performance

When accessing the site you thus ask for providing you with the Services according to our Terms of Use. We need to process some of your data to perform the action.

1.2. Legitimate interests

FitMyMoney processes information according to legal business grounds, to work, improve and promote the Services (to set up expertise or for analytics purposes) and protect business (guarantee the Site security).

1.3. Legal obligations

We may use some of your information to perform obligations and legal requirements (to address complaints from authorities and/or users, for example).

1.4. Consent

We may ask your permission to process/use some of your personal data to provide additional services (like newsletter subscription, for example). You can withdraw your agreement by contacting Us as We rely only on your permission as the legal basis of the process.

2. Information Collection

Our company collects information about using the website and services when using a website or services in this way:

2.1. The information you provide us with

Certain Services may require You to provide some of your information. Some features and/or services that require personal information depend on your specific and active agreement (newsletter subscription, advertisements, and/or forms) and choices as listed below. Some of your personal information may be collected upon your agreement to this Privacy Policy.

According to this Privacy Policy, your information (including your name, phone number, email address, physical address, etc.) may be used alone or with other information to identify a person. The IP address allocated by your Internet service provider to your device can be considered your personal information. We treat such information as personal in all safeguarding aspects, but do not use it for personalization and/or identification purposes.

2.1.1. Third-party services and forms

The website compares and rates various third-party brands, businesses, companies and/or commercial entities (collectively, “the Partners”) and their respective services and/or products (collectively, “the Products”). We may provide you with services, offers, and/or Partners’ Products by means of an online form to be filled upon your consent and choice. Such information may be used to facilitate your connection and/or engagement with the relevant partner (“the Lead”). In addition, if you wish to get more information about some of the Partners or their Products, or if you decide to pursue a transaction with one of our Partners and you click the relevant Partner tab/icon you may be directed to an online form or a landing page that is operated by the Partner (“the Landing Page”). In a similar way, you may be directed to the Landing Page using online searches and/or other websites. You may be asked to provide certain personal information (i.e. name, email address, phone number, etc.) on the Landing Page. The info you provide is directly collected by the Partner according to its own data collection practices and privacy policy. Fit My Money advises you to check the Partner’s privacy policy to better understand the purpose of your personal information collection and/or use.

2.1.2. Contact us

If you contact us, whether by submitting an online form that is made available, by sending an email to [email protected], or by other means available on the Site, you may be asked to provide us with certain information (like name, email address, etc.). Such information may be used according to your approach content to address/process your inquiry and/or for the legitimate purposes of the Website (described in sections 3 and 4 of this Privacy Policy).

2.1.3. Blogs, surveys, newsletters, and promotions

The Website may perform reviews, blogs, forums, and articles that provide information about our Services and/or the Partners’ Products as well as the relevant vertical. FitMyMoney may also offer you newsletter subscription, participation in surveys and/or other promotional features that may be administered by Us and/or third-party services We are engaged with. In each of the mentioned cases, your interaction with the features may require you to provide certain information. Your submission of information may also be provided directly to the third party and thus will be used following this Privacy Policy as well as the third party’s privacy policy.

2.2. Information collected from you

Fit My Money collects the information related to your interaction with or use of the Website in the following ways:

2.2.1. Device information

For compatibility and delivery purposes (including geographic location, language, and time zone) We may collect such information as device type, its version, operating system type, language as well as certain information that can be received out of the user agent (i.e. browser type, its version, screen resolution, etc.).

2.2.2. Usage and interactions

To operate the Website, provide the Services and keep improving to be able to sync with the Partners and/or affiliates FitMyMoney collects certain information referred to your usage of and/or interaction with the Services. Such information includes timing for your clicks and page-views while on the Site, time/date stamp of the Website usage, internal URLs of the Website you have visited, your actions with respect to the Site (clicks, views, etc.), URLs that directed you to the Site, and URLs to which you are referred from the Website.

2.2.3. Log files

We may collect information via server log files as well as by deploying specific tracking technologies on the Website (like pixel tags, for example). FitMyMoney does it to track the users’ interaction with the Website and its Services and to analyze trends. The information We collect may include Internet Protocol addresses allocated to your device by your internet service provider. The collected IPs are held for a limited time for specific purposes only: 1) to better understand your geographic location, thus providing the Services relevant to your place of origin and in your own language; 2) to analyze IPs by the automated tools flag those that are fraudulent.

2.2.4. Cookies and similar technologies

Fit My Money has the right to use “Cookies” and other similar anonymous web tracking technologies (including web beacons, pixel tags). Such technologies may be implemented by us as well as third-party services. A cookie is a little file that contains a string of certain characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. When you visit the site again the cookie enables that website to recognize your browser. Cookies store your online preferences and other details referred to your interaction on a certain website. You can set certain features in your browser to reject all cookies or to alarm when a cookie is being sent to your browser. Keep in mind that certain services or features offered on the Website may function improperly without cookies as well as certain features can become unavailable for you in such a case. A pixel tag is a kind of technology that is often applied in cooperation with cookies. It may be placed on a site to track the users’ activity on that site or to monitor which emails are opened or accessed (if applicable).

2.3. Information we may get from third parties, as well as many other Internet-based services, operates in partnership, collaboration, interaction and sync with third parties which may include the affiliates, Partners, and other third parties. We may receive information from third parties with the purpose of enabling and facilitating such sync. Such information includes an internal user identifier that is generated by our system (not a unique identifier) as well as the summary of your actions (i.e. click, view, purchase, form submission, phone call, etc.). Upon your choice, you will be able to consume the service on a click-by-call basis on some sites. Thus, a third party facilitates the call transmission, tracking, and feedback. The third parties can provide us with the phone number you called from (without attaching any other information about you) for a limited time to resolve successful calls with our Partners and referrals. We do not use such information (except for this purpose) unless you give Us your explicit permission.

3. Consent, choice, and modifications

There is no legal obligation for you to provide us with your personal information. You are not obliged to use the Site. Your usage of the website means your consent to the Privacy Policy and Our information practices described herein. If you disagree with this Privacy Policy, please do not access the website or interact with the Services. You may be required to submit specific information for some of the services. It’s solely up to your choice whether you wish to apply for such services. Remember that even if you provided us with your personal information you have the full right to withdraw such consent at any time (get more details about opting out and withdrawing consent in section ‎7).

4. How we use personal information

In addition to the usage of information We collect (the issue described elsewhere in this Privacy Policy), FitMyMoney also uses your information to provide you generally with the Website and Services and to constantly improve them. We may use personal information to (a) make available, administer and operate the Website and its Services; (b) generally improve and develop the Website and its Services; (c) monitor, track and count the ads and referrals; (d) validate users as human and monitor anti-fraud activities; (e) respond to your inquiries and perform other communications; (f) authenticate/identify Website access and usage.

5. Sharing your information

We do not share your information with the third parties except for the following cases:

5.1. Storage and security platforms

FitMyMoney may use third-party cloud/storage services to retain your information. We may send and/or share information to/with the third parties located anywhere in the world to store such information on our behalf and/or for other processing needs. We consider only those data platforms that comply with applicable data protection laws and maintain strict data security privacy protection policies. Their practices/activities are fully governed by their own privacy policies.

5.2. Social media platforms

We may share certain (not identified) information with social media platforms (like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) for operation and marketing purposes. Your information may be collected by the social media platforms independently and may be combined with the unidentified information provided by Us, with your information they collect upon your independent consent. Any such action and/or information that may derive from it is not governed, controlled or known by Us, it is solely the subject to the social media’s own privacy policy.

5.3. Other third parties

We may send (or otherwise share) your information to/with the third parties that are assisting Us with our business operations (like email or phone administration providers, customer service operators, etc.). Thus, We can understand how the users interact with the Site and its Services, operate and improve them. These third parties adhere to their own privacy policies and FitMyMoney requires them to make them available whenever their services are provided. We advise getting aware of those privacy policies when the third parties render their services directly to you. Also, these third parties and their servers may be located anywhere in the world.

5.4. Enforcement

Fit My Money may share information with any third party if We consider that such information disclosure is helpful or reasonably necessary to (a) comply with any applicable regulation, law, governmental request, legal process; (b) enforce our Terms of Use (including potential violations investigation); (c) prevent, detect or otherwise address fraud/security issues; and/or (d) protect against harm to the safety, property, rights of FitMyMoney, our users, affiliated entities, and/or the public.

5.5. Partners and products

If you choose and are interested to receive additional details about the Services, you may need to submit online forms. Thus, we may share your online form information with the Partner about whom/whose Product you wished to get additional details or you have performed interest in pursuing a transaction, for such a Partner to contact you back with the details you have required. FitMyMoney may share your online forms information to a Partner providing services/products similar to your request in nature, in case your online form information submission was not referred to a specific partner/product that you clicked through. Thus, you acknowledge that: (a) you may be contacted by the Partners on the basis of the online form information you submitted; (b) We do not control the subject matter of the Partner contacting you or the way the Partner may contact you; (c) each Partner must provide its own privacy policy, so it would not adhere to this Privacy Policy; (d) Partners and their servers may be based anywhere in the world.

5.6. Third parties

We are engaged with various services and features that can collect data from the Website and its visitors’ engagement with the content on our behalf or for the provisioning of their services. When we deploy third-party feature, technology or service, We otherwise allow these third parties to access Our Website or technology for specific purposes as described in the Privacy Policy. The Site may use analytics tools (including Google Analytics) to understand users’ behavior on the Site, including tracking page content, clicks, movements, scrolls, and keystroke activities. The practices of such tools are subject to their privacy policies.

6. Interaction with third-party properties may link to any third-party websites, content and other online properties. If you click through to such third-party properties as well as provide any information on such third-party properties, you provide it to the third party (although FitMyMoney and/or its affiliates may have arrangements with such third parties pursuant to which information is shared back to/with us). We take no responsibility for the privacy practices of the third parties, their products, properties, and data collection practices. We advise you to read the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of each third party you choose to interact with.

7. Access and accuracy

Fit My Money does not store the information in a manner that allows Us to personally identify you (except for the specific cases and purposes performed in this Privacy Policy). Thus, We can process the request to access, delete or edit your information only in cases where you submitted such information or used the Services involving the gathering of such information. Contact Us, if you want to edit, review, or delete your information that We may be retaining.

8. Opt-out

It is up to you to decide whether to provide Us with your information as described in this Privacy Policy. You can choose to exercise your rights regarding your information and the jurisdiction of your residency at any time. Thus, you may set your browser to block any cookies from the Website (or third party services), for example.

Some browsers offer a “do-not-track” option – the HTTP header field performing your site (or cross-site) activity tracking preference. We do not respond to DNT signals at this time. We may let the third parties providing us with analytics tools to collect the information referred to an individual consumer’s activities online over time and across various sites/services when a user interacts with the Website.

9. Information security

FitMyMoney as well as the third-parties/affiliates we are engaged with implement data security procedures and systems to keep the information transmitted safe, securely processed and stored on the Website, Our servers, and systems. The Site is encrypted by using SSL. We periodically review our information collection practices to ensure constant monitoring.

Third-party processing and serving services implement various information security standards and certifications, monitor and filter data access when it refers to personnel in our organization.

Such procedures and systems reduce the risk of breaches but they do not ensure absolute security as there is hardly such a thing when it comes to the world-wide network. We cannot guarantee that the Website is immune to unauthorized access to the information retained therein and to other information security risks.

9. Children’s privacy

The Website is not designed to attract children under the age of 16. Accordingly, we do not intend to collect information from anyone known to be under 16.

10. Commitment

Protecting your privacy online is an evolving practice and We apply our best efforts to evolve to meet the requirements related to all jurisdictions in which the Website is available.