How to Borrow Money: a Step-By-Step Guide

how to borrow money

At some point, you may want to borrow money. You may want to use the funds for starting a business, repaying your debts, or anything else. If you are one of those people, you need to know how to borrow money and all the related things. You have come to the right place.

Below we will guide you through the complete process and reveal all the facts and the specifics. Try to remember that this is a complicated topic, and you have to understand a lot of specifics before you go out there and start the process. Our mission is to help; you understand the whole process as easily as possible. Without further ado, let's begin.

When Should I Borrow Money?

Knowing when to borrow money depends on your preference and your needs. You may have to do this when you want to pay off the debt. You may need funds to buy a house or start your own business. There are countless examples. But, before you do this, you need to check a few things.

The first thing is to know can you repay the funds. If you can't, then this whole process doesn't make any sense. You also need to know the rate. A higher rate may be a problem for some of you. Availability of collateral is another thing to keep in mind. Check financial resources as well.

How to Borrow Responsibly?

Being in this sort of debt is not a bad thing. Most people are, so you don't need to worry. For example, in the United States, over 340 million people are in debt. The more important thing is to be responsible and consider a few factors before you begin. These can make a massive difference and can help you more than you can imagine.

Borrow Only the Money You Can Pay Back

Obviously, you can be in debt that you can afford to pay back. Being in one where you cannot pay the funds back is a huge mistake.

Get All Information From the Creditor

More information you have from the creditor, the better. You need to know all the specifics and all the details before you begin.

Understand the Contract

Contracts can be difficult to understand unless you are a lawyer or an expert. It is a wise thing to get professional help in this case.

Compare Different Interest Rates

There are a lot of options out there. You need to compare them and get the one you are the most comfortable with.

Read Fine Print

Some banks and creditors will use fine print to try and "hide" something. Check it just so you can understand and know all about the requirements.

Cheapest Ways to Borrow Money

There are a few ways how you can get the funds in this way. These are the simplest but at the same time the cheapest ways you can get money. What this means is that you will pay back a little over the amount you borrowed.

A Personal Loan From a Bank Or Credit Union

This is the most common type and usually the most appealing for some people. You can always get the loan quickly, and the interest rate can be affordable.

A nice advantage is that you can get the funds for almost anything you like, and you won't pay more if you pay back sooner.  

Some people even claim that this is one of the main purposes of banks. A person needs to have an account at the bank, sign the contract and meet the specific requirements of the bank. These specifics will depend on the loan you want to get and the amount.


  • Easy to get money
  • Safe and secure method
  • You can get professional help from a bank employee
  • There are many options out there


  • High fees can be applied
  • Bank can sell your loan to another bank, making fees even higher

0% APR Credit Card

As you can see, this option is possible thanks to a credit card. You will be able to buy a thing or do something with the funds, and you will have to pay back the funds. We must add that this loan is beneficial if you are planning on returning it as soon as possible.

APR basically means you won't have to pay any interest for a specific period of time. After that time, you will have the interest to worry about. 

Keep in mind that there are countless possibilities. Hence, we cannot generalize how long the period without interest will last.

These loans are got from a company that offers you a credit card, and they can be easy to get. The requirements are basic and straightforward. But you may need an excellent credit score of 800 or even higher.


  • Easy to apply
  • The grace period can be long
  • You can get professional help from a bank employee
  • Many possibilities are available


  • You need an excellent credit score
  • Bank can sell your loan to another bank, making fees even higher

Payday Loan

Here we have a small loan that you may find interesting. You will get between $1009 and $1000 (in theory), and you will have to pay it all back on your payday at once. Borrowing in this form is simple and easy. 

Keep in mind that these loans are also known as short-term loans, paycheck advances, bad credit loans and etc.

All you need to know is that these loans are designed for short-term usage, and they are easy to get. Basically, you need to be above 18 years of age, have a bank account, have a regular source of income, and have a Social security number alongside your ID. This applies to almost all payday loans.


  • Easy to apply and get
  • A credit score is irrelevant
  • You can get professional help from a bank employee


  • Small amounts are possible to borrow only
  • High (4%-36%) interest rate

401(k) Loan

This may be the ultimate way to get fast money for some of you. Borrowing is simple and interesting simply because you will borrow from yourself. How to borrow money using this option? Well, you will need to organize documents, and you will get the funds from your own balance. 

Keep in mind that you can get up to 50% of the available funds, and you need to pay them back within 5 years. 

But there is no tax here because you are borrowing the funds. If you don't want to pay back the funds, you will see a tax of 10% on all people under 59.9 years of age. This loan type doesn't require an application.


  • There is no application
  • There are no underwriting fees
  • Interest will end up in your account
  • Easy to apply


  • You are getting money from your retirement
  • In some cases, you must pay taxes

A Personal Line of Credit

These are like personal loans. You can get cash on a regular basis, up to a specific limit, and you can get back them irregularly. The limits are between $1000 and $100.000. The interest will be applied to the outstanding balance only. The percentage is between 1% and 25%. You can end up with cash easily and in no time with fees that are not that high.


  • You have contact access to all the cash
  • Fewer restrictions in general
  • Perfect as temporary loans
  • Interest is applicable only on the cash you have borrowed
  • Plenty of options to pay back the funds


  • Monthly and annual maintenance fees
  • You need a good credit score
  • Fees vary dramatically
  • The temptation to spend more

How To Borrow Money: A Step-By-Step Guide

Borrowing cash can be complicated but easy as well. It is easy once you know all the steps you need to take and a complete process. Basically, you need to know all about the requirements, credit unions, interests, and the documents you need.

One trick is to look at the main elements as soon as you can. For instance, check out how much funds you can get, what the interest is, and how much you will pay back. The first number should be high while the other two should be low.

Determine The Amount Of The Loan

The first step is to determine how much cash you actually need. When it comes to money in this form, you will probably want more than you need. There will be additional expenses, fees, and surprises, so it may be a better option to get more funds than the initial desire.

Keep in mind that this is recommended only if you can pay back the amount without any issue. If you can barely pay back the amount, take as little as you need.

If you are doing all of this for a business purpose, you may want to check a business loan calculator that has helped some people. You have a lot of examples online, and you need to pick the one that is simplest yet the most effective.

Determine the Type of Loan

The next step is to determine which type of loan you need. As you were able to see, each one has pros and cons. Try to find the one where pros do matter and cons are not severe issues for your particular case.

We can see a lot of examples. For instance, if you need one-time fast cash access, you can get a payday loan. If you don't have a great credit history, you may want to opt for a 401(k) loan. Those of you who want to get a lot of funds and pay them back over a long period of time should consider personal bank loans.

The goal of this step is to get a loan that matches your needs perfectly and helps you pay back the funds as easily as possible in the shortest period of time. Don't forget that some loans have a purpose, and you will need to meet that purpose.

Prepare Documents

Now you will have to prepare the documents you will need. There is no need to tell you that you may need a couple of them, and you should start preparing them as soon as you can. 

This can speed up the process and can make the whole loan much easier. The documents you will need will depend on the type of loan you are getting. 

But, when it comes to personal loans, you can see that most of the documents you will need for all other loans are needed. In general, you will need:

  • Loan application
  • Proof of identity (passport, driver's license, military DI or etc.)
  • Income and also employer verification
  • Proof of address (utility bill, lease agreement and etc.)

Check Your Credit Rating

Yes, you will have to check your credit rating. A credit rating is basically a value of how well you can pay back the loan, and it is based on countless numbers and can be complicated to calculate. In general, this will determine can you get the loan or not.

For instance, if you have a poor credit rating, you won't be able to get the loan because it may be impossible or too hard to pay back the funds in a reasonable time. If you have an excellent credit rating, you will get the loan easily.

You can do this online, and there are countless service providers that will check your credit rating for you. The process is fast but not free. Keep in mind that the bank will also check your credit rating, so you may want to opt for this option if this is complicated or you want to start as soon as possible.

Make an Agreement With a Guarantor

In some cases, you will need a guarantor. He or she is a person who will take over your payments if something happens to you and you are unable to pay back the funds. Credit unions will tell you more about this. 

In a nutshell, you need to find one or two people who will be your guarantee. You need to talk to them and make them understand the whole process. 

It is an important step and a complicated one. Not all people are comfortable with the risk present, so you may want to use the help of a family member or a good friend.

Look Carefully at Rates

The rates have a huge role when it comes to borrowing money, and you need to understand them. The interest rates can be very low or very high, and you need to know about them before you opt for the loan.

These will determine how much funds you will pay back to a lender. The rate can be anywhere between 0% and 50%, so you can imagine the overall risk.
These will be explained in the requirements and the contract of your loan. Try to check them out as soon as you can.

Choose a Lender And Apply

Now when you know all about the loans, credit history, and other specifics, you are ready to move to the next step. Choose the lender and submit your application. In order to choose the best lender, you need to know a few tips. These can help you get the safest and the best loan out there.

  • Consider lenders that are trustworthy and have a great rating from users
  • Get loans from one lender multiple times if that is possible
  • Make pros and cons of all the lenders you are interested in and consider the ones with the most pros
  • Don't consider lenders with very high-interest rates

Submit Your Documents

The main thing here is to submit the documents. In most cases, you will have to go to the bank and submit them or to your lender. But you can do this online these days. 

There are some rules and requirements, but it is possible. Try to remember that the sooner you submit the documents, the sooner you will get the answer, and if it is negative, you can apply for a different loan.

Get Your Loan

Once you have the funds on your account or in your wallet, you will need to do two things. The first one is not to go out shopping and spend the whole amount of money within days. The second is to consider how you will pay back the funds as soon as possible or safely and easily.

Some people even invested a small portion of the money they got in order to get back more funds and pay off the loan easier. This can be risky, and you will need a lot of experience and be willing to take the risk.

How to Borrow Money Online?

Do you want to know how to borrow money online? This is more than just possible, and it is easier than you may believe. There are many examples, but the one we chose is PayDaySay.

This is an app or a website if you prefer, and it has been known for offering great loans to people who need them the most.

You can get a loan of $100-$5000, which is a Loan App. All you need are ID documents and an active bank account. You can also get a Cash advance App. It is available at a percentage of your credit limit, and you need a credit card that allows you to use a cash advance.

The whole process is safe, and there is no need to worry about it. The platform we are mentioning here is well-known and commonly used by a lot of people. It is fast, reliable, and simple. How to borrow money from the cash app? Well, you will need to take a look at the steps we have revealed below.

  • Provide needed details via the official website
  • You will get the offer from PayDaySay
  • Accept the offer, and you will get the funds

Can I Borrow Money With Bad Credit?

Getting a loan can be hard, almost impossible if you have a bad credit score. But there are some ways around it. You may get a loan that doesn't require a credit score check. The 401(k) is the best example. You can always get these loans easily.

When it comes to PayDaySay, you can still get the funds, but you will get a smaller amount because you have bad credit.

Another option is to consider loans where you can qualify in other ways, so a credit score is not important and will not determine the possibility. Credit cards and related options are usually not one of them. Honestly, using online providers such as PayDaySay is the best option if you have a credit score below 670.

How to Repay Money Borrowed Responsibly?

You need to pay back the money as soon as possible. If you make this a long process, you will pay more cash to pay off the loan, which is not appealing. If you don't pay the loan back responsibly, you will end up with fines and higher interest rates which all mean one thing. 

You will have to pay more and more back. Here are a few tips that should help you with the whole process.

Create a Repayment Schedule

Regardless are you paying back to the credit union or a bank or anything, another way, you need to create a detailed schedule of the repayments. These should be based on how and when you can pay the loan; you need to make this as easy as possible. You also need to consider that you need the funds to live, so take that into account.

Stick to a Repayment Schedule

Do not skip a payment or anything else. These can accumulate quickly, and you won't be able to pay them back.

Create an Insured Reserve

This is an insured amount of money that is set aside and can help you pay back the loan if you are in trouble. Always consider this option before you apply for the loan.

Avoid Late Payments

Late payments can be tied with a higher interest rate and similar issues that will once again make you pay more. Always pay off the loan as you have specified in the repayment schedule.

New Sources of Income

If you have new sources of income, you can add them to the repayment schedule and make this process easier. Use this only if there is no fine for paying off the loan sooner.

Eliminate Currency Risk

Get the loan in a strong currency so you can eliminate the currency risk. Avoid loans in currencies that change their value on a regular basis.


Now you know how to borrow money and how to do it as easily as possible and be able to pay it back easily and quickly. Always consider that you need to understand the whole process in detail, and you will have to do your own research.

Then, use the funds wisely and pay them back responsibly. Luckily these days, you have a lot of options, and at least one of them will match your requirements perfectly.


How to ask politely to borrow money?

There is no easy way to do this. You can start by explaining your problem or your desire. Try to make it severe and a huge deal. Then just ask if you get a yes. Well done. If you get no as the answer, you will have to look at a different option.

How much money can I borrow to buy a business?

There is no way we can generalize this accurately. These loans vary anywhere between $5000 and $5 million. You will need to consider your income, the business itself, and the properties you have already. Don’t forget that you need to pay close attention to the business you want to buy/start.

How to convince a bank to borrow money?

Start with the credit score you have. This is mandatory only if you have an excellent score. Tell them about your previous loans and how responsible you are. Also, try to research the matter before you ask them so you will know all about specifics and details. Try at multiple banks. One will accept your request.

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