Personal Loan to Pay Off Credit Card: Pros and Cons

personal loan to pay off credit card debt

You may face various situations when using a personal loan to pay off credit card debt is a necessity to solve financial problems. When you already have several credit cards and struggle to pay them off on time you should look for alternative solutions to become financially independent again.

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Having multiple credit cards may lead you into a vicious debt cycle. Getting a personal loan to pay off credit card debt may be a decent way out. Sometimes even 1000 dollar loan can significantly fix the situation.

Keep on reading to find out the advantages and drawbacks of this solution.

How Getting a Personal Loan to Pay Off Credit Card May Help You?

When you use multiple credit cards to make ends meet and finances your needs, you eventually accumulate debt. It may be challenging to get out of debt on your own.

Will you have enough means to make more than the minimum payment on every card? Do you need to focus on repaying the credit card with the highest interest rate or with the highest balance first?

This year credit card debt dropped by $76 billion and it became the largest decline on record.

using a personal loan to pay off credit card debt

Using a personal loan to pay off credit card debt may save you from an endless debt cycle and bring you peace of mind. Of course, there are pros and cons in every financial decision so you should value the risks and know all your options.

A personal loan to pay off credit card may solve many monetary issues as they often come with lower interest rates. It’s a widespread concern many consumers have in their minds about how to get a personal loan to pay off credit card debt.

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Advantages You Will Get: Personal Loan for Credit Card Debt

Many people wonder should I get a personal loan to pay off credit card debt. They aren’t sure whether this lending solution will bring them peace of mind. 

“If you find a loan with a smaller interest rate then it makes sense to use it for credit card repayment,” says Breanna Reish, a certified financial advisor. 

Of course, every borrower should evaluate the risks and know their rights when it comes to taking out a new lending solution.

This is the first and most important benefit of getting a personal loan to pay off credit card debt. Credit cards often come with higher rates and fees so if you have several of them the total cost may be ridiculous. 

Instead, why don’t you search for a low-rated loan to cover these expenses and pay down the cards? Keep in mind that you need to have a great credit rating and a decent credit history to qualify for a low-interest loan. Then, it will make sense to utilize this option.

According for Federal Reserve’s G, for all credit cards, the average APR was from 14.54% to 17.13%. And the current personal loan rates start from 3.99%.

Where can you find the best personal loan to pay off credit card debt? There are local traditional crediting organizations and alternative lending services where you may turn to. 

If you are tired of making numerous monthly payments for every credit card and keeping track of these payments, you may benefit from making a single monthly payment on a personal loan instead. Should I get a personal loan to pay off my credit card? It makes sense as you will have fewer payments.

Should I use personal loan to pay off credit card? If your aim is to boost your current credit score, you may utilize this option.

Taking out a small loan for credit card consolidation will help you pay the debt off faster and with less effort. It will take away additional stress while boosting your rating and lowering your credit utilization ratio.

Pitfalls You May Face

If you notice that your credit card debt starts to accumulate faster than you are able to cope with it, it’s time to take action. Financial coaches advise consumers to keep the total credit card balance below 30%. 

If you can’t keep it this low, you have to take out numerous cards and it turns into a debt cycle. You may use a credit card to pay off personal loan or vice versa. Sometimes, it’s not suitable to request a loan for covering credit card debt.

Can I use a credit card to pay off a personal loan or vice versa? Yes, you can. But you need to take into consideration that certain loan providers charge origination fees, prepayment fees, and other additional charges between 1% and 8%. 

Hence, the total cost of borrowing may even be higher than you currently have on your credit card. So, calculate how much you will have to pay and compare it with your present payments.

Some personal loans don’t have an origination or prepayment fee but they have strict eligibility requirements.

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Is it worth getting a personal loan to pay off credit card debt? It may be worth it if there is no damage to your credit rating. The truth is that many conventional lending companies and local banks perform a hard credit inquiry that may ruin your credit rating. 

If your credit history isn’t excellent you may lose several points or your application may even be rejected. It takes more time to seek alternative providers who conduct only a soft credit pull that doesn’t harm the credit. so, does getting personal loan damage your credit score?

Is getting a personal loan to pay off credit card debt good idea? It may be a good idea unless it leads to overspending. This is a common problem that may arise when you request a new loan for covering credit card payments. 

Also, the amount you owe in the form of your credit card debt lowers your ability to spend more cash. If you obtain a small loan your ability to utilize the card to maximum will come back so you may end up overspending the funds.

Choose the Best Personal Loan to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Can you use personal loan to pay off credit card? This may be a smart choice provided that you’ve considered all the benefits and drawbacks of this solution. 

As with every other lending solution, requesting a new loan to repay your credit card debt has pros and cons. If you have several cards and can’t cope with making on-time payments and covering the balances you may need to take out a loan.

You should evaluate the risks, take some time, and do your research before you make the final decision. Review several service providers and compare their rates and conditions until you are satisfied with the offer.

Remember that your credit rating may affect your ability to obtain a low-credit loan. Also, choose the creditor that performs a soft credit check and doesn’t have additional charges.

Moreover, pay attention to the term of the lending offer. If a provider is eager to issue the funds at lower rates and for a shorter repayment period, it may be worth giving it a try. 

Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to take out more debt and spend months trying to pay it off. Don’t rush with such important decisions and make sure you make a wise decision.


You may choose among a variety of service providers and lenders and apply for a small loan. Getting a quick loan to pay off credit card debt may help you become financially stable again.

You should review the pros and cons of this financial decision. Evaluate the risks and check if you can qualify for a personal loan with lower rates to make this solution affordable.

If you have a high-interest credit card it may be reasonable to obtain a loan to repay it faster. Your credit history and credit rating should be good enough to get a low-rate loan.

Is your credit rating excellent or good? Can you qualify for a loan with a lower rate? If you find a lender that offers a more flexible and affordable personal loan, it will help you repay your credit card debt faster.

You may obtain a personal loan from a local bank, a credit union, or an alternative creditor. It depends on the offer you get and your financial situation. Traditional lending places have strict eligibility criteria but offer lower rates.

If your credit rating is good enough to qualify for another lending solution and you find an affordable offer, it makes sense to request a personal loan for this purpose. If your score is less-than-stellar you may be offered higher rates or extra fees.

You may have several lending solutions at once. Having credit cards doesn’t affect your ability to obtain a personal loan for other financial needs or use it to cover credit card payments.

You may search for a reliable creditor who will agree to issue a loan to you even with a poor rating. Make sure you understand the total cost of the loan together with additional fees and possible charges as bad credit loans tend to be more expensive.

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