Best Credit Cards For Dining/Restaurants Of April 2024. What Is A Rewards Card?

Best credit card for restaurants

How to get the most out of your credit card and earn while spending? It is easy with special cards. Read on if you are a foodie and dine a lot or you often order home delivery food services.

There are special types of cards used to bring your money back while spending on your food, grocery stores, travel, or even gas.

So how to use these cards? Who needs them and who doesn’t? Multiple questions may arise in your head. So let’s have them all answered. Of course, the best cards have plenty of benefits for their users.

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For example, you can save money, earn extra bonuses, or even get certain cash back. Alongside benefits, there are disadvantages you should know before considering whether to take such a card and which one to take. This article will take a look at credit card pros and cons. You will understand when and how to apply for a credit card to receive all the pros.

What are restaurant credit cards and rewards on dining?

What are the cards to dine? If you often dine at restaurants, you know how daunting it could be to overspend on food. However, with these cards, you can get money back, or at least a portion of the spending.

If you’re a foodie, the best credit cards for dining will offer you cash back at restaurants and bonus rewards on dining, making them the perfect choice for a credit card.

With a restaurant credit card, you can pay for your food and receive cash back on dining, or extra bonuses. For this, you need to link your card to the best shared account and let the restaurant chain and your credit card issuer synchronize.

If the food place has a deal with your gold card provider, you are in a win-win position.

Now you can pay for your food and expect a cash back shortly after you dine. It can also work with restaurants in hotels, groceries, or even gas stations.

The more you spend, the more bonuses you can get. However, everything has its drawbacks. For example, a higher annual fee can be a con for some applicants. And you’ll learn about them by reading the article.

How do dining rewards credit cards and cash rewards credit card work?

The working principle is simple. You need to choose the credit card issuer thoroughly by checking what food chains the company deals with. Once you sign up for the credit card, your paying account is automatically linked and synchronized.

Hence, every time you pay with the card in food places, you get your bonuses. It can be a bar, fast-food place, restaurant, or grocery stores. All the places should be specified by the American express® gold card issuer.

How much could you save on dining with a credit card for restaurants?

The amount you can get back from your dining experiences depends on the card issuers and terms. Let’s make a simple calculation to help you understand how the best dining credit card works.

For example, if you’ve spent around $3,000 on food per year, you can save about $160 with an annual fee of 4%. The conditions depend on the gold card provider, so checking the cash rewards terms first is a must.

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Credit card dining and cash back card rewards programs

Do you eat out a lot? Then it’s best to take part in the dining rewards programs. They are the best for those who visit bars or cafes often. If you’re looking for the best value in a card for dining and restaurants, consider one that offers extra points per dollar on dining, including fast food restaurants.

What are these programs? There are plenty of loyalty activities for those who restaurant visitors and especially for those who like visiting them abroad. With credit card rewards offering points per dollar spent at restaurants, you can use them for gift cards or a statement credit at your favorite dining establishment. Let’s see how you can dine and save money.

Airline dining programs

What are airline dining programs? These are special loyalty programs offered by airline companies to their clients. In most cases, a certain network of restaurants provides food.

However, there are cases when no sponsorship is given. In these ways, airlines provide food without any signs of sponsorship.

What does it mean to take part in the airline dining program? From April, you can earn rewards such as cards or a statement credit per dollar spent on dining. It works when you visit restaurants participating in the program.

If there’s a sponsorship between an airline and a restaurant, you can benefit from it. Every time you eat at a restaurant of the specified branch, you can collect points and miles for your future flights. The best cards offer a high rate on dining, including points at restaurants and rewards for takeout and delivery.

How does it work? If you want to get extra miles and eat at your favorite places, you should link the credit card, either debit or credit, to the shared accounts. Hence, you can cover the food with the linked gold card and get your bonuses any time you are at the restaurant.

Hotel dining programs

You will enjoy taking part in loyalty programs of this kind if you are a frequent traveler. What are the hotel dining programs? These are special loyalty initiatives you can apply for with your credit card.

If you’re looking for an American express® gold card offering great dining rewards, consider applying for a new card within the first few months, as many card offers have sign-up bonuses and special offers for dining purchases.

How does it work? When you sign up for a credit card issuer, you can earn points on dining and travel. These can be redeemed for a gift card within the first 6 months of card membership. Hotels can serve food provided by particular restaurants on the sponsorship groundings.

Hence, the process is more or less similar to the airline dining programs. Your first task is to link your gold card to the shared accounts and use it in hotels. Every time you have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you will get paid back with some extra miles.

If you’re looking for a credit card, consider using it for purchases with your new card at grocery stores and gas stations. You can use the same approach if you want a new credit card to use in hotels.

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Pros and cons of dining rewards cards: annual fee and required credit score

With the restaurant card, you can earn rewards for every dollar on dining. It’s also possible to get discounts on car rentals when you purchase travel within the first 6 months. But let’s take a closer look at the dining programs and see the pros and cons of their use.


  • You can benefit from cash back, extra points, and more. For example, the Savor Cash Rewards credit card offers cash back on dining and bonus rewards on travel purchases. So, if you enjoy traveling and eating a lot, it’s a must to use this credit card.
  • The second bonus is additional rewards with no foreign transaction fees or with purchase protection.
  • If you use this type of loyalty program, receiving sign-up bonuses or getting an annual statement credit on your purchases is easy


  • The first drawback is a higher annual fee. With the reward cards, you can experience a higher annual fee than with the normal cards.
  • The second major drawback will mostly apply to those who don’t keep track of their expenses during the journeys. If your buyer behavior exceeds the limits of the credit card program, you will find it unpleasant.

The more you get used to this type of card, the more personal pros or cons you will figure out based on your own experience. However, there’s a generally accepted outcome from avid users.

With these types of cards, you can save money on flights, earn extra miles, prepare for your future flights, and eat with pleasure. In general, these are truly great options for travelers. However, you can face certain inconvenient limitations.

Pros Cons
High rates for dining May have high annual fees
Bonus points or cashback for dining Rewards limited to dining purchases
Additional perks such as dining discounts High APRs and interest rates

Who should get a restaurant credit card for dining and travel?

Do I need to sign up for a credit card? Is the annual fee worth it? There are too many questions from applicants, as well as multiple concerns. How do you know that your effort will pay off and you will get those extra bonuses? There are a couple of factors to consider.

First, you should recognize the true need if it’s your first application of this kind. Second, it’s better to go a different way and choose a smarter solution for your money if there’s no real need to get this credit card.

In the following sections, you will learn more about perfect candidates for the restaurant credit card. How do you know you’re one of them? Keep on reading to answer your questions.

Traveling foodies

What can be better than going out and eating local food when traveling? Tourists are avid foodies. If you are one of them, getting a restaurant credit card will play into your hands.

How does it pay off when you apply for a restaurant credit card? First, you can pay for the airplane tickets with a credit card and receive extra points for the future.

Second, you will get a reward when you visit local places of the sponsored food chain. The card also rewards you for travel and dining with Membership Rewards® points at restaurants, as well as access to some of the best prices on thousands of hotels or flights.

Restaurant regulars

However, you don’t need to be a regular tourist who travels to new cities or countries and visit local places. It’s enough to sign up for a credit card if you simply eat at the restaurants. For example, it can already be a great reason to get yourself this type of card if you have dinner with friends every weekend.

Delivery service aficionados

There are more options for the clients. You don’t even need to leave your apartment to get extra bonuses. Multiple delivery service loyalty programs ensure you can win some bonuses online. By adding the Gold card to your Uber account, you can earn a high rewards rate on dining and receive points for travel through Chase, along with an application fee credit.

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Should you get a restaurant credit card?

This question is a personal issue. There are many ways to get a card, and multiple issuers to provide various benefits for the applicants. The best way to understand if you need a card is to answer the following questions:

  • Do I go out a lot?
  • Do I spend much money on delivery services?
  • Will I be traveling often in the future?

If your answer is positive to all 3 questions, it’s probably a great choice for you to sign up for the card. This way, you will benefit from the perks, save money and use the resources wise-like.

How to pick the best dining credit card or restaurant card?

How to pick the best card if you want to save money when you eat and get enjoyable rewards afterward? If you’re looking for the best credit card, choose high points on dining, or a cash back card rewarding you for dining. There are a couple of useful tips to help you generally make the favorable choice:

  • Check the rewards rate. You need to look for a high reward rate. It will make sure that your cash back and other bonuses will be higher.
  • Always consider the annual fee. If the rewards outweigh the annual fee you were supposed to pay, then the gold card must be worth it. There’s a card offering dining and entertainment rewards along with a $300 annual travel credit and fee credit. You can use it to earn rewards on dining at restaurants and U.S. and also purchase travel through Chase Ultimate.
  • What about the redemption options? You will gain a statement credit with some cards The SavorOne Cash Rewards credit card is a great option that allows you to earn membership rewards points. These can be redeemed for a statement credit.

If you add your Gold card, you can earn annual credit for food delivery services for restaurant spending and also redeemed for travel. making it an excellent option for those who love to eat out and enjoy traveling. Now let’s take a closer look at what to consider before you sign up for a new payment method.

How much do you spend monthly on dining?

It’s important to ask yourself this question first. Why is it so? When you know and clearly understand how much money you will spend, you can easily choose a issuer.

If you look closer at your spending, you will know for sure what type of card you need. Consider a card for restaurants that offer bonus rewards for travel purchased through Chase Ultimate. It can be spent on dining for maximizing your rewards credit cards.

What is meant by taking a closer look at your spending? If you are a foodie, you should look for a card that offers higher rewards. It will make your bonuses grow and let you earn more.

However, if you don’t eat out often, you may want to prefer other benefits over the high rewards. For instance, you may want to use a lower annual fee or additional travel perks.

Where do you dine?

It’s another critical question to configure. Each card issuer sponsors food chains you can visit. If the card provider only deals with fast-food restaurants, and you are an avid healthy eater, it may be a bad choice for you.

One of the first steps should be your preferences. For example, it can be a win-win if you visit a special food chain and the card issuer has a contract with this place.

With the choice of the right places, you will increase the rewards when you dine. For the first 6 months of card, you can earn a $120 dining credit and have access to travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards®. The dining card can make it an excellent choice for foodies.

Is the annual fee worth it?

Each cash credit card provider requests a certain annual fee. It’s the sum you are obliged to cover yearly to use a card. Why is it important to calculate the final annual fee compared to your card rewards? The annual fee is a critical factor since it’s obligatory.

How to understand if the annual fee is worth it? You need to draw a line between the sum of your rewards, bonuses, collected miles, saved money, and the annual fee.

If the rewards are higher than the annual fee you need to cover, then applying for this specific card may be worth it. Otherwise, it may be a good idea to look for other issues or choose a different card type.

What do you spend on besides dining?

If you are a foodie, it’s a great reason to apply for this card type. However, the card issuers often offer other points or bonuses not only restaurants.

The One SavorOne Cash Rewards credit card offers 3x points on other travel. It allows you to redeem rewards for cash back. You can also use the rewards or cash back on gas, grocery stores, flights, and some more exemplary spending.

For this reason, knowing your lifestyle spending is critical. It’s better to check what other additional rewards the issuer has on the list. It will help to gain the extra points and benefit from the card use.

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How to maximize your points for a dining card and ordering takeout

You’ve learned a lot about the cards and their usage. It’s a great way to save money and maximize your income with extra points and rewards. But how to use all these opportunities correctly?

With the One Savor Cash Rewards option, you can earn rewards for dining purchases and gas stations. It’s easy to redeem them for a statement credit. It will ensure flexibility in the future.

You may have the best card for your purchases, but the essence lies in the way you use it. Here are some of the best examples of how to make the most out of your new card.

  • First, choose the card responsibly. You need to find a payment tool fitting all your requirements and meeting your needs.
  • Check what restaurants participate in the loyalty program. Chances are higher that you will win from your choice if you are a frequent user of these food chains.
  • There are online ordering platforms where you can use your card. For example, you can earn rewards for dining and restaurants when you add a card to your Uber that offers high points per dollar at restaurants.  It’s also possible to receive discounts at gas stations.
  • Always stay tuned and keep track of various offers and check for special occasions. You can come across a lot of beneficial offers promoted by your card issuer or the food chain you’ve signed up for.
  • Using a mobile wallet is quite handy, and you can make it bring you more money with the right card.

Consider a credit card that offers one of the best rewards for the money you’ve spent on dining purchases to maximize your credit score rewards. Also, make sure that the credit card has been collected responsibly.

Here’s a Summary of the Best Credit Cards for Dining/Restaurants

How to make the most out of your card? Following these tips, you can learn how to behave correctly with your new card so that it brings you more every other time. The most important thing to remember is to stay tuned with the news, follow the promotions, and use offers according to your taste and liking.

Frequently asked questions about restaurant credit cards

Our guide has covered the main concept people are usually interested in when it comes to card rewards. With a high rewards rate on dining purchases and bonus rewards on travel purchases, the credit card will fully cover your needs in a new journey. However, you may also have additional issues to resolve.

Here are some more questions users come across. You’ll find the answers in the next paragraphs if you have ever asked these questions.

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What is the best card for restaurants?

Regarding the best card for restaurants, you should focus on your personal preferences and look for the benefits that apply to your lifestyle habits the most. The card issuers market is full of interesting options. However, it’s important to find a payment tool that will benefit you.

What are restaurant credit cards?

These types of cards are offered to users who want to pay for their food in different food-related places and get some extra bonuses. You can get various bonuses or rewards and receive information about interesting food events and access to them.

How to choose a credit card for dining out?

You should not open 120 dining credit cards. You will have to pay 300 annual travel credit fees then. If course, it's a joke. There are some tips to use when using a card. First, consider your payment habits. They should not override the limitations set by the card issuer. Then, try to get a card with a high reward rate and one savor cash rewards credit. It’s always a great idea to look for welcome bonuses and check for redemption options.

How do restaurant rewards cards work?

If you have a card linked to your account, you can pay with it in various food chains. It’s a common practice for cards to be used in restaurants, bars, or even grocery stores when you dine. Every time you pay with the card, you register for this particular loyalty program, so extra points are counted and added to your profile.

What is considered dining for credit cards?

A credit card is used for purchases at restaurants, cafes, fast-food chains, and other food-related places. Each card issuer may have its own limitations and restrictions for the places where you can spend your money to get points.

What is the best use of a credit card?

You should always remember that your card is an effective tool, so you should use it responsibly. It means you have to pay for the purchases you can afford, and cover your balance in full monthly to avoid extra debts. Using a credit card with rewards can be a great incentive to save your money and learn how to behave with the resources in a smarter way.