Old Navy Credit Card 2024 Review

Old Navy Credit Card 2022 Review

If you’re part of the majority, giving a payment of only $5 for a nice top or an outfit for $30 can get you all excited. Even jump straight to get your hands on them! Where else could you purchase these items?

At Old Navy, you may find fashionable clothing at affordable pricing. But if you’ve been shopping at Old Navy for some time now, you’re probably familiar with the savings you can get. It’s not just for the navy — it’s for everyone!

However, while discussing Old Navy, perhaps credit cards aren’t even considered a mode of payment. But like many popular brands, the shop also offers its own version as a way to thank its devoted patrons.

Now, while you’re waiting in line to make a payment, use this time to learn why getting an Old Navy card is a good idea for you! Today this article will replace your personal finance writer and tell you about one of the most popular products issued by Synchrony bank.

About the Old Navy Credit Card

About the Old Navy Credit Card

Customers of Old Navy stores have two options to choose from. The Navy accepts both Mastercard international incorporated and Visa payment forms. The features of these two vary. 

The first one enables purchases and bonus points everywhere the open-loop Visa brand is recognized. Even customers with extraordinary credit may get an eligible program membership

On the other hand, this solution permits purchases only from the Navy store itself. For some shoppers, it isn’t beneficial at all.

By the way, this card was initiated on July 20, 2021. Issued by a Synchrony bank, it quickly became popular among fans of Banana Republic purchases. Now it is regulated by the Barclays bank Delaware. Among the strong sides of this card are fast credit approval, flexible billing cycles, appealing brands discounts, minor eligibility restrictions, an annual bonus system, etc.

Key Features of the Old Navy Credit Card

So why would you want to apply for an Old Navy Credit Card? Let’s begin with a brief summary of its key aspects so you can decide if it’s a good bargain for you. 

What benefit does this offer provide upon approval? You can earn points after payment, particularly at family of brands stores offline and online locations. 

There is no annual fee, no fraud liability, early access to sales, and a variable purchase APR of 25.99%. Once you have accumulated 5,000 rewards points, you receive additional benefits. We’ll go into more depth about everything as you read on this Navy Credit Card review.

Key Features of the Old Navy Credit Card

The APR or Annual Percentage Rate

You cannot avoid the APR, or annual percentage rate, as it is with any other card. The continuing APR for both lines mentioned above is 25.99%. Since the prime rate is a variable rate, it is also subject to change. The minimum interest charge is $2, and there is no special introductory rate.

The balance transfer APR for customers using the world elite Mastercard system, on the other hand, is 28.24%. You should be also ready to pay a 3% international transaction fee for every transaction made outside the US.

 The Old Navy Visa Card has a cash advance fee of $10 or 5%, whichever is greater, and an APR of 26.99%.

The Fees

There is good news because there is no annual fee for the Old Navy Card upon approval. The balance transfer fee for it is 5% (minimum $5). 

The cash advance cost for using this is 5% (minimum $10) for every transaction, which is relatively high. When using this card to make cash withdrawals at an ATM or with a cash advance check, a cash advance fee is assessed.

What happens next if you swipe to purchase some of the navy products but don’t pay it off right away?

Of course, facing up to the old navy credit card payment of additional fees is the less enjoyable aspect, just like with other credits.  While there are numerous ways to earn points, the chance of missing an old navy card payment increases the likelihood that your bank account will suffer. 

There is a $40 late fee for late payments, but there is no penalty interest rate.

The Rewards

The exciting part is right here! Eligible program members earn bonus points for shopping at co-branded merchandise family of brands. It includes such brands as the Gap Factory, Athleta, Banana Republic, and Banana Republic Factory. A customer can benefit from multiple purchases both offline and online.

Brands bonus system allows you to receive 5 points for each dollar spent in-store or using an online account. After earning 5,000 bonuses from previous purchases, you may qualify for a Navyist Rewards Mastercard and use a 20% reward for one quarterly bonus. If you use a Visa card, you can also earn points from other purchases. Get one point for shopping everywhere Visa is accepted.

The above-mentioned family of brands admirers can redeem rewards automatically after accumulating more than 500 points. You can get up to a $250 quarterly bonus. Other points will be calculated within the next billing cycle. Convert rewards earned per calendar year and buy the goods of your dreams, making a minimum payment. Isn’t it a good gift for you? 

The advantages of this old navy card are the following bonus points:

  • 20% off of your first purchase at Old Navy or Gap Inc. brands
  • 30% account opening discount 
  • Earn 5 points per $1 spent across Gap Inc. brands
  • $5 Reward for every 500 points earned
  • Exclusive offers throughout the year (including employee discount) 
  • Early access to popular sales
  • Zero fraud liability

Among other things, if you are authorized for the Navyist rewards credit card and make timely payments regularly, you can also improve your credit. 

On customer support

The Rewards

There are various reasons why owners of the Old Navy card might want to contact customer service. Old Navy has a customer support system that guarantees the cardholder will get an answer via email delivered shortly after the request. 

It applies to a range of troubles that may occur. For example, issues with placing an order through the website, checking out or paying for products, merchandise restrictions details, delivery questions, returning an item, receiving a refund, asking for more information about the maximum program cap or program membership, etc. 

The average wait time for the Old Navy customer support hotline is 2 minutes. It is accessible every hour of every day, every week. Any holder can report a problem, and a navy representative will offer assistance with a fix, useful advice, and reminders.

The Pros

The Old Navy brand allows cardholders receive bonus points for qualifying purchases. For starters, there’s an introductory bonus for a new credit holder! A one-time 20% off coupon code for will be provided to you once your application for the credit card has been approved.

Naturally, there are fantastic prizes! On purchases made at the navy shop Gap family of brands, the Old Navy Credit Card and Old Navy Visa® Card both award 5 points for every $1 spent. 

On other purchases made with the Old Navy Visa® Card, you get 1 point for every $1 spent. You can make a qualifying purchase in store or online. You receive 5% back on purchases made at the above-mentioned family of brands because points are worth $0.01 apiece. As already stated, there is no annual fee!

Credit cards without annual fees are a wise choice if you like to reduce your expenses.  Perks that are available only in store all calendar year long can be enjoyed by holders, as well as special deals and early access to popular sales.

The Cons

If the Old Navy Credit Card has its benefits, there are also downsides or room for improvement. The 20% discount on the first purchase using the card is also regularly offered to new customers who merely subscribe to the brand’s emails.

Other outstanding rewards credit cards, some of which are even better, provide the same rewards rate as the Old Navy Visa® Card, which is 1 point for every $1 spent. It can only be used in Old Navy and other Gap Inc. retailers to its fullest potential. 

Additionally, there is a 3% international transaction fee when using this outside of the US. Because only Gap Inc. brands may be redeemed for points, the incentives are restricted. A minimum of 500 points must also be redeemed before you can receive incentives.

Is The Old Navy Credit Card For You?

After discussing every aspect of the Old Navy Credit Card, you learned that customers who frequently purchase from old navy and other Gap Inc.-owned companies could earn rewards and special benefits. There are, nevertheless, certain downsides. 

Making the most of this offer is highly dependent on the usage patterns of the holder. This card might be very useful for you if you’re a loyalist who can’t get enough of having cost-effective staples in your wardrobe under the Old Navy Brand. 

If you buy the majority of your clothing at Old Navy, then this may allow you to accumulate a lot of points that will ultimately allow you to purchase additional stuff at a very low price or even get them for free! If you’re thinking about getting this credit card, evaluate the benefit of higher rewards based on how often you spend.

How to Get an Old Navy Credit Card?

Ready to submit an Old Navy Credit Card application? By following these three easy procedures, you can simply obtain an credit card approval.  First, open your browser and look up the official website.  When you locate it, you will be met with an application form that you must fill out.

Answer the questions and the required personal information on the application form. Complete the application form, then press the “submit” button.  Your application will be processed after being reviewed. You should then wait for the old navy credit card approval from the company.

Following approval, the credit card will be mailed to you, allowing you to start making purchases under the old navy and other Gap Inc.-owned brands. Another condition for receiving this credit line is to have a high credit score. A minimum credit score of 600 is frequently thought to be good.


Can I use my Old Navy Visa Credit Card anywhere?

Since it is a store credit card, you should use it for offline and online purchases from Gap brands to gain maximum benefit. These stores are Old Navy, Gap Banana Republic, Athleta, Hill City, Gap Factory, and Banana Republic Factory. However, a Visa card allows you to earn bonus points annually for other purchases. You can get 1 point for each dollar spent in stores accepting Visa.

Is it hard to get an Old Navy Credit Card?

To get Old Navy credit approval, a person has to have fair or good credit. If you meet the minimum income requirements and have a high rating, you can receive an immediate credit decision. You can open your account online (via creating an online account) or by visiting a physical store location.

What are the benefits of an Old Navy Credit Card?

This card offers a rich rewarding system for eligible program members. Firstly, you can get a 30%first purchase discount. Secondly, you can earn bonuses from all further transactions at Gap. Inc shops. Earn 5 points for each dollar spent. The discount code expires one year after the purchase. You can get no more than $250 in rewards per billing cycle.

Can I use my Old Navy Credit Card on Amazon?

This card is issued mainly for Navy shoppers. It allows you to earn cash back, benefit from free, fast shipping, and get extra perks but only within gap banana republic stores. Eligible brands are not officially presented on Amazon.

What Stores Can I Use my Old Navy Credit Card at?

You can make Navy credit card payments at any shop owned by Gap worldwide. You can use this card in all stores owned by Gap inc. They include Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and Intermix. With this card, you can pay for offline and online offers.