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Need a Loan Now but Keep Getting Refused?

i need a loan

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Turned Down for a Loan Everywhere: What to Do?

Once your personal loan application is rejected “When can I apply again?” is the wrong question. Surprised?

It turns out if you don’t succeed at first, keeping applying, again and again, is the wrong way. And here’s the reason why.

First, it might knock your credit score down. You apply for a loan and the bank/lender/credit union makes a hard inquiry. The result? Your credit score drops (from 5 to 10 points). You apply for the next one, and the process repeats (again 5-10 points down).

Second, in the lender’s eye, you look like a high-risk borrower.

The thinking goes, no matter how much you want to borrow, finding the best strategy to get approved is always smart.

“Okay, what should I do if I need money urgently?”

Emergency expenses that pop up without warning are no exception for each of us. Sure, facing that debt can be tough, but borrowing money from a lender must be your last resort.

I need a loan desperately. But I don’t want to be denied.” 

In times whereas you are empty-handed, borrowing money could be a challenge. Yet, the truth is, you have options.

But in case a loan matches your boxes, there are some things to consider bumping up your odds for approval.

How to Avoid Denial When You Need a Loan

The first step on your way to approval is to know your credit. Even if you’re hundred percent sure that your credit is in good shape, check it. 

How can you trust somebody more than yourself? Are you sure that there are no errors in your report?

As you see, there are enough things to take care of before you apply. So, do your homework. Otherwise, you can’t bump up your odds to be approved.

In times where credit scores range from 300 to 850, bad credit is usually considered anything below 600. There are two different scoring models – FICO and VantageScore. Both of them are commonly used in the U.S.


While bad credit can make your financial life miserable, there’s hardly a reason for not getting a loan. How bad is your credit score? Do you know the reason for that? Thus, once you have the answer, learn your options. 

Have Been Denied in the Past? Here Is a Solution

Or maybe you have had to pay a security deposit to your utility company? 

No matter the reason, you probably know your credit is bad. The good news is that’s not the end. As long as you keep tracking your score, you have options. 

Personal installment loans, short term loans, auto or mortgage loans, the list goes on and on. So, no matter how desperately you apply for a loan with bad credit, the journey begins with your score.

If you suddenly need to borrow money, don’t dampen your spirits. Bad credit loans to the rescue. 

When you need a personal loan with 550 credit score, a traditional bank might come up in your mind as the first option. Yet, your poor credit score makes you look for more flexible qualifying requirements.

Thing is, the list of options available includes also payroll advances and loans from retirement accounts. So, your options vary.

Whether you like it or not, credit checks are a part of the approval process.

“But what to do if I want to apply for a loan with bad credit?” 

First, worry not. There are many lenders that specialize in working with bad credit borrowers. 

Second, know the reasons for your bad credit and show you’re ready to fix things.

‘No credit check’ means that a lender doesn’t request your credit report from credit bureaus. 

There is only a range of lenders who can lend money to those with bad credit and no history checking. Yet, you need to meet other minimal requirements. As such, a steady job with at least $1,000 per month is one of those.

Even though the number of lenders assisting those who need personal loans vary, the choice can be tough. Each lender has its own terms and payment requirements, but bad credit doesn’t mean you won’t be approved.

“I need a loan today. How to speed up the approval?”

In times where every second is counted, choosing between even dozens of lenders available is not an option. You may not like it, but the approval process takes time. Get ready to wait.

“I need a payday loan. How much will it cost?”

It differs. Just as the number of lenders varies, so is the number of fees and interest rates. 

Wish to close the best deal possible? Take care of your credit score. Find your weak side and prove that that was a single case that won’t happen again.

“I need money ASAP with bad credit, but I’m afraid to be rejected.”  

Okay, you have a poor credit. The first thing to consider here is a higher cost. So, in case of emergency and no other options available, apply for it. 

Make sure it is manageable on your budget. Sure you can cope with the fees? Go for it. 

There are also lenders who let you pay the loan back early. As a result, you save on fees and affect your credit score.

Applying to online short term loan lenders you can typically opt for anything from $100 to $2,000, but the amount might vary. 

Whether it’s for a last-minute gift for your partner or emergency medical bill, use it for any legal purpose. Need loans today? Known for convenience, small online loans are making waves these days.

“I need a loan now, please help.”

No matter how desperately you need money, compare options. We all have unique financial situations and there’s no one solution that fits everyone. 

Visit a lender’s marketplace first. There you’ll find multiple lenders who can help those who need loans now. Then, compare and filter out those who offer you a better choice.

I need a personal loan but I have bad credit. Are there any alternatives?”

Sure thing, personal loans are not a panacea, yet they do serve great if used properly. Aside from that, you can opt for credit card cash advance, overdraft, get help from family and friends, or tap into your savings account. 

The choice is big, as you see. So, if you’re unsure you cope, compare alternatives to enjoy the benefits of the best deal.

Have you been refused once? No worries, you’re not alone. The large numbers of applications don’t make it, too.

First, the lender doesn’t give money to anyone. And second, it protects you from buying a product you can’t afford. So, the next time you need a cash loan, turn to this lender easily. Isn’t it great?

Things happen from time to time and when you need loans fast, get prepped. 

Whatever reasons can cause a lender to reject you, don’t dampen your spirits. All in all, prevention is better than cure, so always think on your feet. Knowledge and action are key to bump up your odds to get a ‘Yes’ the next time you apply.

Need a quick loan for bad credit? Here’s what to do:

Need a Loan? Been Refused Everywhere?

Your application has been denied, rejected, or declined? Sure, that’s not all roses. Yet, that’s far not the end of the game. 

To increase your chances of applying it’s in your own interest to know and avoid the most common pitfalls. 

With a little extra work in place, you might see the best line ‘Congrats! Your loan has been approved’ sooner than you think.

4 thoughts on “Need a Loan Now but Keep Getting Refused?

  1. My credit rating is 550. Do you think I should try to apply to the bank? I’ve been rejected in the past but I’m not sure their eligibility criteria have changed.

    1. If your credit score is less-than-stellar, you may have several options. Applying to the local bank may seem the safest solution but chances are your request will be denied again. Turning to alternative crediting companies may boost your odds even if you are a low credit holder. Such loans may cost you more but it’s your option until you have time to repair your rating.

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