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Cash Advance Apps No Credit Check

Cash Advance Apps

Are there apps that loan you money? Do you want to fulfill the immediate cash need straight away? Even savvy consumers who tend to have some savings in their accounts can face urgent disruptions from time to time. 

The best cash advance apps serve as useful alternatives to online creditors for the times when you want to get the funds at once.

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No matter which solution you opt for, you should first do some research and think twice before you make your choice.

Apps like Dave are suitable for borrowers who are strapped for money and look for the best ways to improve their money potential.


PaydaySay App

PaydaySay is an app that can help you get a small loan until payday. The tool provides you with a simple and safe application form that lets you access a wide database of lenders thus improving your chances to qualify for a cash advance even with a poor credit score.

Borrowing money with Payday Say app is quick and easy. It can be your fast guide to solving your short term financial difficulties.

Anyway, you should always remember that even a small cash loan is a debt that must be repaid on time to stay financially healthy.

Also, it is important to understand that PaydaySay is not a direct lender. It works as an assistant between the customers and the partner lenders that review loan requests and decide on them. Thus, you submit the application in the app and get connected with one of the lenders from the network.

Payday Say App Advantages:

Payday Say App Disadvantages:

The key concept of this cash advance app is to offer extra opportunities to consumers who can’t make ends meet and require immediate financial assistance until the next salary day.
There is an option to take out payday loans through this app but they can’t be obtained for a longer period. Thus, only near-term monetary disruptions may be easily solved with the help of this app. It’s suitable for covering urgent costs for a period of two or three weeks.
Keep in mind that there is no single interest rate or APR here. The app cooperates with a huge database of direct creditors who have the right to set their own rates and loan conditions. It’s required to review the loan agreement in detail before you decide to sign it. The app doesn’t make any lending decisions and can’t affect the creditor’s rates or terms.

Dave App

This is a modern tool that is connected to the bank account of the user. To use this platform, you need a stable income and a valid bank account. These are the basic demands for using this payday loan app.

Also, there are no credit checks as Dave doesn’t require the payment or credit history of the consumer. It may be a lifesaver for those whose credit rating is less-than-stellar. Although, you won’t have a chance to boost or repair the credit if you wish to.

Budgeting in-built tools are among the greatest benefits of cash advance apps no credit check. Thus, people can save more by analyzing their transactions and managing every category of their expenses. The company site claims that they help each client to save up to $500 per year.

Dave App Advantages:

Dave App Disadvantages:

How does it work? There are two speeds to get the needed money.

The standard speed means the cash can be acquired within a few days, while there is an option to receive the money within a few hours provided that you pay a fee of $4.99.

There are already thousands of positive reviews as the app doesn’t take any charges. You don’t pay the interest rates but you might pay an optional tip if you want to support the platform and increase your loan limit. The membership for the whole month costs just $1. On the downside, Dave allows taking up to $100 which might not be enough for certain expenditures.

There is a $1 a month subscription fee for every consumer who wants to utilize the Dave app. It’s necessary to connect your credit or debit card via Payment Method in order to start using it. Each month $1 will be charged from your card allowing you to use this app and its services.

If you don’t have enough funds on your card you will be notified about it via SMS message or through the Mobile App. If you decide to open Dave Banking Account, you will be able to increase your ability to withdraw the funds so that you can borrow up to $200.


Earnin App

Do you want one more alternative when it comes to getting extra cash? Let’s compare other cash advance apps no credit check. Earnin is designed to solve your urgent money needs. Although, this tool works best for full-time workers. It allows employees to receive the cash they have already earned. That being said, Earnin lets people get the funds in advance.

All payday loan apps have similar as well as distinctive features. Unlike Dave, Earnin offers a chance to receive a paycheck in advance in case you need to cover urgent costs or make big-ticket purchases and can’t wait until the next payday. In other words, you get the money you’ve earned so far but haven’t given by your employer.

Earnin App Advantages:

Earnin App Disadvantages:

Earnin doesn’t charge any interest rates and fees. Also, there are no membership charges which make this platform very attractive among users. Consumers are just asked to leave a “tip” which is optional.

What are your options? You may use this tool for free and take out the minimum amount of cash at a time.

Otherwise, you can increase your limit up to $500 if you use this platform for several months and often leave tips.

Such loans app has some drawbacks, though. There is no customer support so you won’t be able to get a consultation or discuss your options. Also, the total amount you can get in a form of cash advance is not very big which cannot be enough to cover all the expenses. Yet, it’s a type of transparent and fair lending without any interest or hidden rules.

The application is quick and easy at the Earnin App. Once you fill in the amount you need, you will be issued the funds on your checking account. There is an option to obtain a cash advance and return the cash automatically on your next payday. Once you begin using this app, you may qualify for $50 or $100 maximum. You will be able to withdraw up to $500 a day after several months.


Brigit App

Of course, you have more than one choice when it comes to lending services. If apps above aren’t suitable for you for some reason, go ahead and review the Brigit app.

Brigit is a popular online tool that lets people get extra cash to stay financially afloat until the next payout.

Brigit connects to the checking account of the consumer and tracks spending. When a person is going to experience an overdraft, the app will send special notifications.

While other apps similar to Dave and Earnin don’t have any customer support whatsoever, Brigit offers email support. Consumers can discuss their issues with managers via email. Bear in mind that you might receive an answer during two business days, which may be too long if your issue is urgent.

Brigit App Advantages:

Brigit App Disadvantages:

Payday advance apps don’t extend the due date, while Brigit app allows to do it up to three times in case the borrowers have any problems with repayment.

Another advantage of Brigit is that it reviews your balance and notifies you when it is almost zero so that you don’t pay overdraft fees.

The downside here is that consumers have to pay a monthly charge of $9.99 for membership even if you don’t take out cash monthly.

Also, the turnaround time is up to three days, so it may take some time until you obtain the funds. If your cash need is immediate, this might not be the best cash app with a direct deposit.

Generally, clients may request up to $250 for various purposes through this cash advance app. The money may be utilized for covering any immediate costs. Moreover, there are special bill alerts offered by this app. This way, consumers receive balance and bill alerts to get reminded about the upcoming bills so that they can act quickly and avoid late fees. The application process is quick and transparent as there are no hidden charges.


MoneyLion App

MoneyLion is also among the payday advance apps like Brigit. It has two kinds of membership – core and plus.

Core membership doesn’t cost anything. It offers many services including free checking accounts, various rewards, as well as extra options for consumers.

Plus membership costs $28 per month. It includes all the above-mentioned benefits and also offers special loans with 5.99% APR designed to build your credit.


MoneyLion App Advantages:

MoneyLion App Disadvantages:

MoneyLion provides an instant cash deposit that will be delivered to your checking account the same business day. There are no hidden charges or late fees.

Moreover, the platform doesn’t require a credit check so consumers with poor credit ratings can also apply.

The downside is that you are allowed to take out up to 10% of the amount on your direct deposit. Also, this platform doesn’t work in Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, Montana, Vermont, or Nevada.

Payday advance apps allow obtaining a maximum of $250 for various purposes.

Consumers may request up to $250 for various purposes through this cash advance app. It offers two types of memberships which may be suitable for various clients. If you want to have additional features and special loans with an APR of 5.99% you should have plus membership that costs $28 per month.

We’ve reviewed five of the most popular small loan apps to borrow money until payday. They are considered to be the best loan apps and each comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Instant loan apps similar to Earnin can be a good solution for people who want to avoid lending institutions and just need some quick cash until the next payday without too much effort or fuss.

Remember that you take full responsibility for borrowing money whether you use apps like MoneyLion, Dave, Earnin, or Brigit.

How to Choose the Best App

There is a huge variety of money lending apps available today. It may be challenging to choose the best option.

However, if you review the above-mentioned features, compare all the pros and cons of each cash advance app, you will be ready to make a smart financial decision. Depending on your urgent money needs, your credit history, your spending features, as well as your steady employment, you may choose between these top 5 apps.

There is no one-size-fits-all cash advance app as everything depends on your financial stability and immediate needs. Remember that even a debt with no interest rate or other fees is still debt and it should be taken out with full responsibility.

Summing Up

We live in a fast-changing world where financial stability may quickly turn into an economic crisis. If you’ve ever experienced a money shortfall, you realize how necessary it is to learn simple budgeting tricks.

Cash advance has become widespread all over the world with thousands of online platforms providing fast lending solutions to consumers in need.

Some people turn to online creditors and other finance-related service providers while choosing payday loan apps can also become your financially sound decision. Yet, you need to bear in mind that you take full responsibility for the repayment process.

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