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There is a wide range of online money apps that are suitable for covering urgent money needs today. When you feel strapped for funds, you either need to restrict your expenses to essentials or utilize apps like MoneyLion.


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You are not alone if you urgently need to finance immediate needs or cover unforeseen costs. Every person may experience temporary financial problems.

If you try your best to make ends meet and struggle to make the necessary payments, such apps can help you obtain quick funding till the next salary day.

Choose the Best App Like Moneylion

Many people ask about the best places to get additional cash. While there is a huge number of such apps that work with Chime these days, you need to find a reputable and certified service provider that you can trust.

Stop begging your friends and relatives to lend you some money. Be independent and choose an app now! Here is a review of the top-rated loan apps to help you finance your short-term expenses.


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MoneyLion Alternative - PayDaySay App - Manage Your Finances
MoneyLion Alternative -  PayDaySay  App - Track Your Expenses
MoneyLion Alternative -  PayDaySay  App - Send Invoices
MoneyLion Alternative - PayDaySay  App - Get Paid Faster

Are you searching for loans like MoneyLion? PaydaySay is a great alternative. This is one of the best payday sites for quick funds available for consumers today.

This tool was crafted as a digital platform to help each applicant solve their immediate monetary needs. This is one of the loan sites that allow clients to cover short-term costs from the comfort of their homes.

This isn’t a direct creditor so this company doesn’t issue the funds and can’t make any crediting decisions.

Such companies like MoneyLion and PaydaySay are suitable for borrowers who want a small sum for the short term. This service cooperates with a large variety of direct creditors who can provide additional funding for your needs.

Rates and APR:

As we’ve already mentioned, PaydaySay doesn’t offer a credit builder loan. Your application will be matched with several lenders, and the terms and rates vary among creditors. Typically, the APR is from 5.99% to 35.99%.

The lending conditions depend on some factors such as the client’s credit history, employment, credit score, etc. If you have a stable source of income you have more chances of getting approved at such cash advance apps.


Brigit App
MoneyLion Alternative - Brigit App - Boost Your Savings
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MoneyLion Alternative - Brigit App - Manage Your Cash Flow

There are several instant cash apps that are worth your attention. Brigit is one of them. This app helps people budget their needs and get funded for their urgent money needs.

This online tool is one of the loan apps, instant cash can be obtained through a streamlined application process. You can also get up to $250 for different purposes here.

Cash is deposited directly to the client’s bank account within the same or the next day.

Rates and APR:

Brigit and sites like MoneyLion don’t charge fees and have no hidden charges. Borrowers may also benefit from special bill alerts so that they don’t miss payments. Each client may withdraw up to $250.


apps like moneylion instacash
app like moneylion
MoneyLion Alternative - Daily Pay App - Get Paid Instantly
apps like moneylion and dave

Do you need more apps? DailyPay is another solution for people who want to receive some money till the next salary day. You can obtain the funds on your debit card, prepaid card, or any bank account you have.

Such apps like Dave and MoneyLion are suitable and affordable for all consumers who need to finance their near-term money goals.

Rates and APR:

Places like MoneyLion and DailyPay allow you to request up to 100% of your unpaid salary. The reason for this benefit is the belief of the app’s team that employees earn credits for daily hours.

Hence, clients can take out the whole sum of their income if they want to. You may obtain up to $1,000 daily without any fees and transfer cash up to five times per day.

You won’t see “looks like your request couldn’t be completed MoneyLion” if you choose a reliable loan app.


Dave App
cash app borrow
MoneyLion Alternative - Dave App - Get 0% Interest Loans
borrow app cash

What apps are also trustworthy? Dave is one of them. This is one of the top-rated useful tools for meeting your daily monetary needs and reaching your immediate cash goals.

Dave is a suitable service provider for covering rent payments, utility bills, transportation costs, groceries, etc. The bank account of the client is used to determine his creditworthiness and eligibility.

Rates and APR:

While cash apps don’t have any fees, you will need to pay just $1 a month to utilize Dave. This is a service fee but this tool is helpful for covering any near-term goals and it requires no paperwork at all. Pay attention that you can’t finance long-term expenses with this app.

MoneyLion Short Review

sites like moneylion
loan apps like moneylion
app like moneylion
instant cash apps

Are you looking for installment loans? You can have a core membership or a plus membership. The first option costs nothing while the second one costs $28 per month.

There is no credit check so it’s a great advantage of such credit builder loans like MoneyLion. Borrowers with any credit rating can be accepted here. 

While other apps like MoneyLion may charge some fees, this app is free of charge but it allows you to withdraw small amounts.

Also, clients from Nevada, Nebraska, Iowa, Montana, Vermont, and Indiana can’t apply.

Generally, you may withdraw up to 10% of the sum on your direct deposit.

Rates and APR:

This is another helpful app for people in need. Borrowers may request up to $250 for their needs here. This app plus offers two types of memberships. You may enjoy a free version or upgrade to a plus membership for $28 a month. Only borrowers who have plus membership can have an APR of 5.99%.

Get Quick Funds with a Loan App Like MoneyLion

As you can see, there is a big variety of online apps that are available to applicants in many states today. Are they different from traditional crediting services?

Yes, these apps offer a flexible online application from any place. A client is connected with the creditors and gets access to additional money without delay.

An online loan request procedure is quick and secure. You set up an account using such apps and undergo a short process with verification of your identity.

Only basic personal and financial details are needed to transfer the funds to the client. You have the right to choose a desirable sum according to the apps’ offers. The money will be transferred to your checking account.

Look through the features and rates of each app, compare money apps, and make your smart decision.

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