Best Cash Loans Wired In 1 Hour Direct Lenders In 2023


Credit continues to grow in popularity, with the amount of debt owed by Americans doubling between 2015 and 2022. A collective of 20 million Americans has debt that calculates to more than $170 billion, which only accounts for personal loans.

These loans are incredibly useful in cases where you find yourself in urgent need of cash, but sometimes, banking institutes take a long time to provide approval and payout for these applications.

An instant cash loan can give you access to funds faster, sometimes as soon as just one hour after you get approval. These cash loans vary in value, and there are different repayment terms to consider. Online payday loans such as viva payday loans and standard personal loans may qualify for one-hour payouts in some cases.

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Cash Loans Wired In 1 Hour: Best Offers

There are different facilities and types of cash loans that you can consider. We look at some of the most common and appropriate options in this section. 

Personal Loans

Personal loans are best for people with a better credit record. There are different companies that offer these services, and the loan terms are usually quite flexible. You do need a clear payment history on your credit report if you choose to opt for a personal loan from direct lenders. 



Upstart has a system that allows you to see if you qualify for a loan without affecting your credit report. There are multiple options available, including car refinance and debt consolidation services. Each option comes with its own range of funds that you can apply for. 

Laurel Road

Laurel Road Loans

Laurel Road offers a digitized system that makes it easy to apply for financial services. There is a major focus on student loans at Laurel Road, but they also offer checking accounts, personal loans, mortgages, and credit cards. 



Upgrade provides a range of credit solutions that are often coupled with reward systems. The personal loans offered by Upgrade provide you with a fast approval process for small amounts. 

Best Egg

Best Egg Loans

With an APR that starts from as low as 8.99%, you can keep your repayment rates low when you need access to fast payday loans. Best Egg also has a range of financial health products available, as well as credit card options that you can apply for. 



Fast funding is one of the main principles behind the services offered by OppLoans. The company provides a simple process and can help you establish a good credit record through the use of its financial services.

What A Cash Loan Wired In 1 Hour Is

Best Student Loans for Bad Credit in 2022

A 1-hour cash loan is essentially a type of quick financing service that usually provides you access to a small number of funds. These loans typically do not offer approvals for large amounts, which is where personal loans and other conventional financial services come into the picture.

The one hour payday loans are generally approved and paid out within a period of one hour. When the money is wired to your bank account, it may take a little longer to reflect.

These financial services often come in the form of payday loans, which means you need to repay the loan, as well as any incurred fees when your salary is paid into your account. The payday loan market alone reached a value of $4.8 billion by 2021.

How A Cash Loan Wired In 1 Hour Works

There are a couple of steps that form part of the process when you want to access a loan wired in 1 hour:

  • Prepare all of the required documentation that the company may ask for when you submit your application. 
  • Decide on your loan request - how much you need and when you can repay the money. 
  • Complete an online application form or visit a local branch. 
  • Wait for approval for the online form. If your application is approved, the money should be paid to you within an hour. 

Some of the documents that you may need:


In-Branch Application

Online Application

Identity document

Original and copy

Scanned document

Bank statements


Scanned statements




Proof of other income

If applicable

If applicable

Features Of 1-Hour Cash Loans

While the idea of one hour payday loans is appealing, it is important to have a full understanding of how they work. You also need to realize that not every payday loan or instant cash loan service is the same.

This is why you should understand the most critical features and considerations that you have to focus on when you look for an institute that offers you access to these services. 

Repayment Schedules

The repayment schedule is important. Some companies may require payments on a weekly or monthly basis. This allows you to split the repayment you have to make over a certain period of time.

With payday loans, you have to repay the whole amount on your next salary date. Take a closer look at whether the company offers any flexibility in the repayment schedules you can choose from.

The specific schedule options may also depend on the amount you want to borrow from the financial services provider. The repayments may not be the same as with conventional lenders when you apply at this type of lending company. 

Loan Terms

Different terms can be used, depending on the amount you need to lend. The type of loan you need also decides the loan terms. If you cannot repay the entire amount due by the end of the month, look for longer terms. This may include repaying more fees.

It can, however, lower the amount you need to repay at a time. You should also look at the eligibility criteria and whether you need an active checking account to initiate one hour loans. 

Fees Charged

Instant cash loans come with fees. You pay more back than the original instant loan amount you borrow from the lender. You have to carefully assess the fees applied to these loans. They tend to differ between various lenders. Look at all of the fees that the lender applies to a loan contract.

The loan agreement also includes financial details about the interest rate that is applied to the service. Instant cash loans often come with higher interest rates than conventional financial products. Take note of admin and service charges that the company asks too. The fees are directly related to the loan amount you apply for.

Loan Amounts

Keep in mind how much you need to borrow when you need emergency cash. Compare this to the range at which the lender offers one hour payday loans. Make sure that the amount you require falls within this specific range. 

Lenders Reputation

The reputation of the lender is also something that you should keep in mind. Look for 1 hour payday lenders that are known for providing quality financial services. You might also want to see if the lender is registered to provide financial services. 

Funding Time

You want a one-hour cash loan, but some payday lenders may take a bit longer when you want to lend money. Ask the lender about their funding time. There may also be delays once they wire the funds to you, depending on the banks involved in the process.

Requirements For 1-Hour Cash Loans And Payday Loans?

The requirements for quick cash loans depend on the facility you apply at. You will either fill out a physical or online application form. If you apply for traditional personal loans, then you need to provide certain documentation.

Most one-hour loans require a copy of your identity document, as well as proof of income. This can be in the form of payslips that your employer provides or the latest statements from your bank. You can sometimes send statements from your checking account directly to the lender.

The company will usually do a soft credit check. A lender approves an application for financial support faster if you have a good credit rating. You may also get the cash wired in less time and find that they charge a lower annual percentage rate. 

A cash advance has different requirements and may provide you with funds faster, but it still requires a copy of your identity document. With a cash advance, you may need to provide lateral as a security measure for a scenario where you are unable to make payments on the loan you take out.

You may also be asked about the loan amount and the reason, such as to pay medical expenses as medical bills or cover your debt payments. Some companies may require employment verification. After the employment verification, the financial aid will be paid out on the same business day in many cases.

Will 1-Hour Cash Loans Hurt My Credit?

Whether a short term cash loan will hurt your credit depends. If you use cash advances and make the payment on time, then it is unlikely to hurt your credit score directly. On the other hand, if you do not make payments on payday advances or conventional loans, then it will show up on your credit report.

This entire process can cause a reduction in your credit score, making it harder to obtain credit in case of a financial emergency.

If you regularly use cash loans wired in 1 hour, then this may affect your affordability. While this does not have a direct impact on your credit rating itself, it can cause issues when you need access to larger funds in the future. This is why some people use a 1 hour payday loan as a last resort.

What Should I Do If My 1-Hour Cash Loan Application Is Denied?

What Should I Do If My 1-Hour Cash Loan Application Is Denied

When your application for cash loans wired in 1 hour is declined, there is usually a reason behind this rejection. You should start by contacting the company you applied to get a reason for the decline, as this can provide you with valuable information.

A poor credit history with multiple missed payments is often the reason behind declined loan applications. Some companies may also decline your application to borrow money if they find that you will not be able to afford the installments or pay back the money within the repayment period. 

There are different credit bureaus, and companies each use a specific set of these bureaus to do a credit check on clients. If you have a bad credit score, it is sometimes worth submitting one more application to a different company to see if they can give you loan approval. With this said, do not make too many applications, as this can bring down your credit score.

Can I Get An Instant Cash Loan With Bad Credit?

It depends on how bad your credit is. If you have a very low credit score, coupled with multiple missed payments in the last few months, then you are unlikely to find a facility that is willing to help you. In these cases, you might need to ask for a cash advance on collateral, such as valuable assets that you hold but do not want to sell.

There are some companies that do deal with customers who have lower credit scores, but there are still specific criteria and requirements to meet when you turn to these financial institutes. Make sure you consider this if you need fast cash loans with bad credit.

Pros And Cons Of Loans Wired In 1 Hour

There are both positive and negative factors to keep in mind when you decide to opt for a quick cash loan. When you weigh these factors against each other, you can determine whether this type of loan agreement is appropriate for your needs.

Here are a few of the pros that come with a 1-hour loan online:

  • You get instant access to funds, which can be exceptionally useful in cases where you find yourself with a financial emergency. 
  • Some companies may only do a minimal credit check when you apply for a 1 hour payday loan, especially if you authorize them to do a debit order on your pay date. This can help people who have a bad credit score gain access to funds when they are in need. 
  • Since these lenders often do not use hard credit checks, the inquiries the lenders make will not have much of an impact on your credit report. 
  • If you repay the loan on time, you may qualify for a larger amount the next time you need to send through an application. 

There are also cons that we have to keep in mind:

  • These loans often come with more fees than conventional loans and financial services. 
  • You may need to pay higher interest rates for an instant cash loan. 
  • It is easy to misuse the funds that you obtain through an instant cash loan, which could result in over-indebtedness.


Can I get a quick cash loan from my bank?

While some banks do offer services like online payday loans, approval can sometimes still take a while. The bank needs to perform credit checks and determine your affordability. Due to the processing time, you may want to consider an alternative option in financial emergencies, such as companies that specialize in quick online cash loans.

How many cash loans can I have at the same time?

There is no specific limit on the number of cash loans you can have at one time, but there are certain criteria to keep in mind. If you use payday lenders, do not open multiple loan accounts that account for a repayment that is more than you can afford to pay at the end of the month. A direct lender may also decline an application if you have too many cash loans on your credit record.

How long does it take for a cash converter loan to be approved?

Some people who want to access a fast cash loan online may turn to a cash converter loan. This is usually done in person at a local branch. These quick cash loans are often approved in about half an hour to an hour. Funds are usually also made accessible to the lender immediately.

Where to borrow cash loan wired in 1 hour?

There are different facilities that offer access to a one-hour payday loan. Some examples include Laurel Road, Best Egg, and OppLoans. The ideal facility to use for your 1-hour payday loan depends on how much you need and your current credit score. If you have a poor credit score, then look for facilities that offer appropriate services.

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