How to Get Financially Prepared for Adoption

how to financially afford the adoption

Life is hard. Adoption is hard. Money is hard.

A few years ago my 3-year-old niece informed my sister that she could do hard things. She inspired me to put one foot in front of the other while we faced our fertility and adoption journey. It’s the end result that has kept me going.

While you are on your adoption journey, here are a few tips to help you financially prepare.


How Much Should You Have in an Emergency Fund? (Expert Roundup)

You have definitely heard the advice that you’d better have an emergency fund to pay for unexpected expenses thus protecting yourself from unanticipated events. Money philosophies may differ, but most financial experts agree that for a healthy financial plan it’s necessary to have some cash set aside for emergencies.

We are sure that guessing is not the best way for making financial decisions. So we decided to ask financial experts what would they answer to a person asking “How much money should I have saved in an emergency fund?” And we’ve got a bunch of great tips we can now share with you.


Lifestyle Inflation Definition and How to Cope with It

lifestyle inflation definition

Has the quality of your life changed since graduation? Have you started making more purchases once you’ve been promoted? 

Did you know that such changes in life have a special name? We are talking about lifestyle inflation. 

What does it mean? Why does it happen? Are there any negative impacts it may have on your financial stability? 

Read on to learn more about this notion and the best ways to manage your lifestyle inflation.


Where to Find Help to Pay Rent? Here Are a Few Prompts

help to pay rent

Considering the fact that many people tend to live paycheck to paycheck trying to make ends meet and don’t have emergency savings ready to support through the hard times, it’s not surprising that many consumers need help paying rent. 

Often this short-term hardship happens during the employment changes, important life events or urgent health issues that require lots of funds. As a result, people think “I need help paying my rent asap”. 

Here are the best options and the most comfortable ways out of this temporary issue. Select the most affordable and suitable solution for you.


Debt Avalanche – How You Can Use It to Get Out of Debt

debt avalanche

The person, who has been in debt, can understand the real pain. All the time you feel stressed and think about how to solve the problem. Well, you can give it a try to solve your debt problems yourself before resorting to professional help.

One of the DIY methods to solve your credit card debt problems is by using the debt avalanche method. You can use this method to repay your multiple bills and get out of debt completely.

Check out how debt avalanche method can help you to repay your debts.


How to Get Medical Bill Assistance When You Can’t Afford the Cost

help with hospital bills

Even those who are young and healthy need to think about their future beforehand. A medical emergency may hit you or anyone from your relatives all of a sudden leaving you unprepared. The healthcare is really expensive in the USA, so facing an urgent illness or medical procedure can reach thousands of dollars. 

How can you afford to pay the hospital bills? 

Here is your guide on how to get medical bill assistance and cover the costs even if you don’t have health insurance.

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