How to Build Business Credit

Having a lack of funding is one of the common hurdles for most small business owners. Building business credit could be a tough gig, yet, it is worth doing. It opens the door to more financial opportunities. Plus, a higher business credit score opens the door wider. It gives you a better chance of getting a loan, a line of credit, lower interest rates, and cheaper insurance.

“If you don’t build your dreams, somebody else would hire you to help them build theirs.”

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Student Loan Debt – 2019 Stats & Alarming Tweets

Do you know that the District of Columbia’s student debt capital is one of the highest one? Georgia, Maryland and Minnesota follow next. In turn, Wyoming, Hawaii and West Virginia are among the leading states with the lowest student loan debt per capita.

So, what is the reason behind that? Well, according to the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, Washington D.C. is one of the most educated metropolitan areas in the District of Columbia. San Jose is a close second.

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How to Freeze Your Credit Report to Prevent Identity Theft

It is quite easy to freeze your credit and it may be really helpful when it comes to protecting your data and accounts from frauds. This process can help to keep your private data safe and secure so that other people or criminals won’t be able to take a new loan or open credit lines in your name.

It’s free to make a freeze but it can significantly change your life and make you feel safe especially if you aren’t planning to take out a personal loan shortly. More than that, it won’t influence your credit score.

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How to Become Financially Literate? (Expert Answers)

If all you know about money is how to spend them, then it’s high time for you to improve financial literacy. Getting smarter about your money means educating yourself, thus forming simple but smart money habits.

We’ve asked the financial experts to share their top tips on how to improve the personal financial literacy. And we’ve got their answers! You can find them below.

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3 Simple Steps Any Parent Can Take to Give Kids a Financial Role Model Worth Imitating!

Who would you imitate if you could model your life after anyone in the world?

Young children do not have this choice. Most often it is their parents. From birth, they observe and study their parents’ behavior. They record it. They internalize it. They act on it. It is automatic. It is where education begins or takes a giant leap forward. Consciously or not, teaching occurs. Learning starts. It happens whether you want it to or not. It is automatic.

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What Is the Best Place to Get a Personal Loan?

When you feel an urgent money need, there are multiple options for you to choose from. What is the best place to get a personal loan and borrow money? Where should you turn to and which places should you avoid?

The best place for a personal loan is the lending institution that approves your application with the most competitive interest rate, loan amount, fees, and the repayment period.

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